Bio-etheric Healing

Bio-Etheric Healing is an innovative method of optional healing which uses a set of communication skills based on thought processes to direct our Etheric Body, and through it, the full energy field, the Aura, to help in healing work. It is possible to have this mental communication directly with one's own energy field. Also, when working with a person, a Bio-Etheric Healing professional can use this method to mobilize the person's own energy field to help in his healing. The actual healing process work is not limited to face-to-face physical proximity. Rather, Bio-Etheric Healing via mental communication can be accomplished over great distances.

This mental communication, and the healing method work, is possible because of the energy field which surrounds the bodies, and indeed surrounds everyone and everything on this planet. It is termed as the Auric Field, and the individual envelope of this energy which surrounds the bodies is called the Aura. The first layer of the Aura, closest to the physical bodies, is the Etheric Layer, and it plays a major role in Bio-Etheric Healing. In almost of the cases, the actual healing itself begins at the Etheric Body level. It is primarily with the Bio-Etheric Body that people communicate with thought messages to provide it the directions for healing. It is in a sense the supervisor of the process.

The Bio-Etheric Body then communicates with the other participants and enlists their help, as wanted, to accomplish the healing. These other players include the Brain, the Physical Body, the other layers of the Aura, and the Chakra System. Each of these has special functions in the Bio-Ethric healing process, and the appropriate one must be called upon by the Etheric Body to aid in the process. The Chakra System is a major player in the healing process because of its unique role as the distribution system for energy flow throughout the body. However, even though the Bio-Etheric Body may know what is wrong and what needs healing, it will not act unless told to do so. The key to Bio-Etheric Healing method is that people themselves, or a healer, must give the Bio-Etheric Body directions as to what to do and it will do it.

When the Bio-Etheric Body is asked to heal something, thet does the best it is able to do, with the information has. The more information provided to the Bio-Etheric Body and the greater the accuracy of the information, the better it can accomplish its healing role. Bio-Etheric Healing uses mental thought processes to direct the own energy field of the body to do the healing. Healing via mental thought process communication can be accomplished over great distances even. Bio-Etheric Healing is thus great and because of its simplicity and versatility, it has the potential to influence healing process all over the world. Bio-Etheric Healing can effectively promote the understanding of this new method, its practical use and its application by healing professionals sand spiritually giftesd individuals. In books of Bio-Etheric healing people can learn how to talk directly to the Etheric Body to help diagnose ailments and many more.