Best Way Healing Scabs

The presence of scabs on the face can be downright annoying and unsightly, so healing scabs on the face is a major concern, especially if they are clearly visible. Though scabs do heal with time on their own, there are several ways that can be taken to reduce the wait and clear the skin up faster. If we have ever tripped, fallen and landed hard, chances are that we may get scabs.

Scabs happen when the skin has been scraped or broken in any way. As platelets come close, they form a clot over the area that has been injured. This clot acts as a bandage and helps in keeping bacteria out and preventing further blood from coming out. With time the clot dries, hardens and turns into a scab. The scab may appear crusty and is usually a dark brown or red in color.

Despite their ugly appearance, scabs serve an imperative purpose. They help the skin to heal by keeping the wound covered. After a period of several days to a couple of weeks, depending on the depth of the cut, the scab will fall off completely on its own. The new skin below it is fresh and fully healed.

The scab is there for a reason and tearing it away may cause further damage the skin, and may even cause a fresh injury. This will extend the healing process. Unfortunately, picking at blemishes can be irresistible for many. Whether it is a small whitehead or a cyst-like blemish causing serious discomfort, blemishes of all sorts can be ugly for the skin. Picking at them will make the problem worse. Generally a scab is left behind, and this is more difficult to cover up.

There are a few home based remedies that can help the scab disappear. We can apply warm compress to the scab. The moisture will soften the skin and loosen the scab. We can do this many times through the day. We should always keep our skin clean. We should avoid using harsh exfoliating scrubs; this will only increase our discomfort. Using a mild cleanser, such as Cetaphil, and finish by drying the area thoroughly.

To prevent a scar from forming after we have picked at a blemish we should cleanse the skin properly and apply an antibiotic cream, such as Neosporin. Gentle, soothing products are best for facial skin. Some of these products may cure the scab and discourage the skin from becoming red.

Massaging Bio - Oil into the skin twice a day for a minimum of three months also helps to reduce scabs. Newer scars will heal quicker, though regular use may also help older marks to disappear with time. We should keep in mind not to use oil on broken skin. An ointment called A&D Ointment is commonly used on scabs that form on freshly tattooed skin; and also prevents itching.

Irritation, redness and other types of problems can all be prevented by simply leaving the skin alone. We should avoid picking at any type of facial blemish. In an ideal situation, scabs should be allowed to dry and fall off on their own.