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As a kid there was nothing more fun than playing with their favorite ball. But people unfortunately grow out of it and it finds its place in ball heaven to never be played with again. The end of childhood, however, does not mean that a good old inflatable ball can not have a permanent place in their lives. There are, in fact, inflatable balls that are made for adults to have fun with. And that of course would be the exercise ball.

The exercise ball is the great way for an individual to receive a workout of their core body muscles, which are the muscles that keep the body balanced. How this is attained on the exercise ball is that certain exercises are conducted that require both the body and the ball to be balanced. The goal is to keep the exercise ball from rolling out from underneath the people and in the process they are receiving an excellent core workout. There are various exercises that can be done with the exercise balls, but there are 10 exercises that can be a lot of fun.

For squats, people need to hold the ball between their lower back and the wall. Then they should slowly bend at their knees and hips in order to achieve a sitting position. People must make sure the ball stays between them and the wall. Thus, they should return to the standing position and repeat this between 8 and 15 times to strengthen the legs and hips. In birddogs exercise people need to get on all fours like a dog with the exercise ball under their stomach. People are now going to extend an arm and a leg that are opposite from each other off of the floor at the same time and keep the ball balanced beneath them. People should repeat this o 8 times for each side to strengthen arms and legs.

Subpine Bridges is a kind of exercise in which people need to have their hands on their hips while sitting on the ball and start walking. The ball should roll out on the ground until it gets to the head and the shoulders, then they should walk back to go back to the sitting position. People need to repeat this 8 to 15 times to strengthen the thighs and buttocks. For pushups people need to put the exercise ball underneath their stomach and have their palms flat on the floor. And should walk out with their hands until the ball is somewhere between their hips and their ankles. Now they should bend their elbows to do pushups. People need to repeat this 8 to 10 times to work the upper arms.

Abdominal tucks are type of exercise with balls where people need to be in the same position as with pushups except with the ball under the knees, and tuck the knees to make the ball roll toward the ankles and then return to the beginning position. This should be repeated 8 to 15 times. A hamstring curl requires people to lie on their back. With the palms flat on the floor, the ball should be under their hills. From here people will slightly bend their knees while lifting their hips to bring the ball toward their buttocks.