Good Posture Exercises

There are various kinds of good posture exercises which can help you to get a healthy body and mind along with ensuring that your body posture is erect. It has been seen that these posture exercises are considered the best way to correct poor posture but there have been no studies related to prove that posture exercises would you're your guaranteed results. Many a times there are posture exercises that can claim to be corrective exercises but these can make your posture worse. Hence you should be very careful with the posture exercises that you apply to get good posture.

The first question that you should ask yourself is if your posture is poor and what have you tried to correct it. There are scores of exercises to correct your posture and there are loads of ways for determining if your posture is correct or not. These days modern living has made us very sedate and this means that most of us are probably are not as active as previous generations.

These days most people spend long hours sitting at desks, or relaxing and slumping in front of the TV, which leads to situations where you are not using your muscles as nature originally intended.

Thus these parts of your body get overworked and the worst affected areas are the neck and shoulders which will get weaker and invariably lead to the lower back. Poor posture has a major factor in health for many years and can lead to serious health problems if it is not corrected on time. There are some tests which you can do at home to check if your posture is correct or not and these include the Mirror Test. Here you have to stand facing a full length mirror and check to see if your posture is correct.

These include factors like seeing if your head is straight and your shoulders are level. Along with this you also check if the hips are at level and the kneecaps face the front while the ankles are straight. Once this check is done then you should try and check yourself from the side or have someone else check you out. Here you should check at factors like keeping the head straight rather than slumped forwards or backwards. Along with this your chin should be parallel to the floor and the shoulders should be in line with ears.

You should also check that your knees are straight and you are slightly forward with a curve to your lower back. There are a lot of things that can be done to improve your posture and these include good posture exercises. You should try and be aware of your posture throughout the day including sitting at work, standing, and even walking. Then you should try and also do light stretches when you are sitting at your desk for long hours along with getting up frequently.

Always check yourself in the mirror now and then to see if your posture is correct and ask your colleagues to nudge you when they see you slumping or slouching.