For Shoulder Exercises You Should Keep Your Spine In A Neutral Position

Shoulders are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. And most probably they are the most burdened part of the body as well. In earlier days, they are put to days for carrying the school bag. And after people grow old, the same shoulders are required to carry the office baggage. It is the shoulders which help people in conducting the writing motion. And it is the shoulders which also are the most neglected part of the body.

For that reason in order to maintain the shoulders in proper health for the rest of the life, people need to perform a few exercises which will increase their strength and resistance power. There is a list available of three exercises which can help people in maintaining their shoulders in just the perfect condition they need. People can practice these exercises regularly for about 15-20 minutes and they will benefit greatly from these.

Firstly people need to look at the Arnold Shoulder Press. The purpose behind performing this exercise is to build Muscle Mass in the front and side heads of the deltoids. For this pose of exercise, people will require a pair of heavy dumb-bells. They need to stand erect holding the dumb-bells in their hand and then raise them to shoulder height with their palms facing towards them. Now slowly they should raise the dumb-bells above their head height by straightening their elbows. After holding the position for nearly 5 seconds, they should slowly lower the arms.

Secondly people need to look at Lateral Raise. For this type of exercise, people need to use a dumb-bell. The major effect of this exercise is felt on the medial delts. To execute this form of exercise people need to hold the dumb-bells in their hands with its top pointing away from them. Now they should slowly raise their lower arms by the sides without creating a bend in their elbow. After holding this position for 5 about seconds they should slowly lower the arms.

Thirdly people can practice Overhead Barbell Press. This exercise is perhaps the most effective exercise for the shoulders. It exercises are the small parts of the shoulder part mainly focusing on the front and middle part of the deltoid. For this type of exercise, people need a medium weight barbell with them. People should clasp their hands around the barbell at around shoulder distance and then slowly bring the barbell to the forehead level by bending their elbows. Then they should slowly take the barbell above their shoulder to maximum height possible. At this point a few precautionary measures are needed. People should not bend their back while lifting the barbell and while lifting the weight people must always keep the abs in tight and should not lock the elbows at the top of the movement. People need to repeat this exercise in sets of about 15 repetitions each.

People should actually be thankful that they live in the age of modern medicine when no one should have to suffer unduly because of pain. A good physician will get them on the right pain medicine to avoid unreasonable suffering, but and even better doctor or therapist will strive to get them off of pain killers as soon as possible by focusing on the root cause of any condition.