Exercise Log Sheet - Stay Motivated And On Track With An Exercise Log Sheet

We all once in our life feel the need to exercise and get into shape. We all want to hit the gym or join some club to boost our physical health. But often we fail to do that. Motivation plays a very important role in maintaining a regime. If we do not feel the need to exercise then we will never continue with our regime. It is very important to remain consistent with our work and stay motivated and dedicated. If we have an external workout motivation like a log sheet we will surely want to work.

Keeping a regular workout log or exercise log sheet is one of the best ways to make sure that we are constantly making progress toward our fitness and exercise goals in the gym. Regardless of our goals or fitness experience, recording our workouts, cardio, and weight training in a daily exercise log can help us make sure that we are always moving forward in beating our last workout.

We are accountable for our own workout and its results. Writing down our daily exercise in a log makes us mindful of what we are doing and allows us to review our progress after each workout or training session. It also let's us build on each subsequent workout, so that we are always pushing our self a little harder each time we hit the gym.

There are a number of free printable workout and exercise logs available on the Internet, as well as some excellent exercise logs that can be purchased at our local bookstore. Most of the workout logs use the generic Exercise, Weight, Reps, and Sets formatting. They should also take into account other key factors such as including rest periods, pre-and-post workout nutrition, training and fitness goals, sleep, and duration of exercise. All of these variables can impact our training performance and progress, regardless of whether we are a beginner or an advanced bodybuilder.

A good log sheet will always help us stay motivated because if we see positive results over a period of time then it will enable us further to exercise. Often these log sheets can also track our eating habits and act as our health check. They can guide us with what we eat and in what amounts we eat because each calorie can make a difference.

In terms of a good log sheet the important elements that a log sheet should have are the date of our workout. Date is very important because it will guide as to how much progress we make over the weeks. Time started and when we finished our exercise is vital so that we know the duration we have worked for. This will improve our stamina. The other important elements are vital stats for the day like our scale weight and body fat percentage, how many hours of sleep we got the last night, cardio and conditioning training, weight and resistance training, diet and nutrition information and our overall workout rating on a scale of 1 to 10.

The log sheet will definitely enable us t reach our desired goals and help us stay motivated for a long time.