Dumbbell Exercise Chart Is A Handy Tool To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Workouts

There are a wide variety of work outs that can be used to create a home dumbbell exercise. As a beginner it can be hard to know exactly which type of exercises can be combined with dumbbells to produce an effective fat burning workout that can benefit both men and women. If people are not a beginner, they can use heavier weights to make the workouts more challenging. There are a few examples of several dumbbell exercises that can be put together to form an effective routine.

Lunges are one tried and proven method of exercise that becomes more effective when combined with dumbbells. To practice a weighted lunge, people need to stand with their feet together and hold one weight in each hand. People should take a large step forward first with one foot, and squat down, so that their front foot is at a 90 degree angle, and their back leg is extended with the bent knee almost touching the ground. People then should bring the back leg forward, so that they are back in a standing position with their feet together.

Bicep curls are an important part of any home dumbbell exercise. To perform a bicep curl, people need to stand with their arm down at their side and hold a weight in one hand, with their palm facing up; then they need to slowly curl their arm all the way up so that the weight almost touches their shoulder, and then slowly lower it back down. They need to switch their arms and try to do these exercises in sets of ten at a time. People should switch their arms to work both sides of their body evenly, or if they are advanced at exercise, they can try doing both of them at the same time.

A triceps press can effectively work many different parts of the arms, and is a simple technique that can be added to the home dumbbell workout. People need to lie flat on the floor or a mat, and extend their arms straight above their head with one weight in each hand facing each other. Slowly they should lower their arms with the weights, until one weight is on the mat on either side of their ears. People need to begin to raise their arms back into the air until they are once again fully extended above their head.

Dumbbell hamstring curls exercises can be used to work the legs during an at home dumbbell workout. To perform this exercise people need to lay face down over a bench or chair with their knees hanging over the edge by a few inches. Then people should place a dumbbell in between their ankles, and squeeze it with their legs so that it does not fall out. People may also use weighted dumbbell ankle straps if they need for this exercise. People need to hold onto the front legs of the chair or bench, and slowly curl their knees until they are in a 90 degree angle with the floor. Slowly they should lower them back down until they are perpendicular to the floor and must repeat.