Different Ab Exercise Machines

There are a various different tools that can be used to work a person's abs muscles. They all have a positive as well as a negative side to it. Unfortunately there is a negative side with every abs machine and that is that it cannot magically melt the fat that is on the person's stomach. When a person uses the abs machines or the abdominal exercise equipment they are actually strengthening and developing their abs muscles. It is noticed that the fat cannot be spotted separately from the person's stomach just be doing a few abs exercises.

The number 1 exercise myth is known as the spot reduction which is considered as the pro for most abs machines and equipment and also that they can help in strengthening a person's abs muscles. Most popular ways of exercising are crunches as well as sit ups but if machines or any kind of equipment is used then they help the body to be balanced better. The machines and equipment can also challenge a person's muscles more than what a floor can. It is obvious that the cheapest equipment for the abdomen is actually the floor and it is known to work wonders for many. It is something that everybody has and so there can be no excuses.

There are the Reebok Core Board Exercises are exercise which would act as an amazing tool to enhance the person's core workout and also engage their core muscles as well. A person can stand on the core board and place the hands on the board in order to increase the shoulder and hip stability. All this is done while engaging more muscles and also burning extra calories at the same time.

Then there is the Bosu Ball which is also known as the Bosu Ball Trainer is half of a stability ball which is mounted on a flat rubber platform. This is mostly used for balance exercises as well as core exercises. The abs roller is not a well known equipment for the abdominal exercise. It can serve the purpose perhaps but not that well though. The hanging abs straps are used as hanging leg raisers as they help in the lower abdominal exercises. But the grip strength may sometimes limit a person's ability to focus on the abdominal muscles.

There are abs wheels which are also known as the power wheel equipment which are relatively inexpensive. Maximum gyms have those available for their own members to use. Using an exercise ball has become a popular piece of exercise equipment in the last few years. But these exercise balls are a bit unstable and they also force a person's abs and the lower back to work a bit ore harder during such exercises and have the ability to increase a person's strength, coordination as well as stability. There is also the 45 degree slant board which is commonly used more as a back exercise machine. But if a person turns their body sideways then they can use their 45 degree board as an abs crunch machine and also perform certain oblique exercises on it. The dumb bells also help on the abs in different ways.