Boot Camp Exercises

Not very long before boot camp exercises were the thing. In most of the cities, people could sign up for a boot camp program, meet in local parks and kill themselves with exercises that resemble the physical training of soldiers. Now people do not have to train like a soldier to lose their body weight and get in shape. People can make their own boot camp workout for a challenging circuit training exercise.

Boot camp exercises are great for losing body weight, fat loss, endurance, and fitness. But the practice also improves other areas including, stability, balance, flexibility, agility, and posture. People can learn about the best boot camp moves, the reasons they need to include them in their boot camp workout, and 3 workout options to help them get started. Firstly people can perform 20 seconds of each boot camp exercise and go from on exercise to the next taking 10 seconds of recovery between exercises (takes 4 minutes total). It is essential to recover for 60 seconds with the two stretches then repeat the exercise one more time. Secondly people can perform exercise supersets.

Again thirdly people can perform 30 seconds of each boot camp exercise including the stretches without rest between exercises then repeat one or two more times which takes 10-15 minutes. The modern world is fast turning in to a place obsessed with looking good and losing body weight. Health and body it usually the top priority, but at times even that is sacrificed for losing body weight. New gimmicks on health and fitness appear everyday, that prescribe pills and strange diet plans for individuals to become skinny within weeks. As for Atkins or South Beach diets, nothing has been able to replace physical exercise and hard work as the best way get back in shape.

As far as health and body fitness is concerned, exercise boot camps are not a new concept. It has always been quite common for those people who used to travel to a camp to train for things such as the martial arts or when preparing for certain sporting activities. Exercise boots camps recently are being set up to help any person to lose body weight and get fit. Unlike military soldier or prison boot camps, they are not designed to enforce discipline. As an alternative they are completely directed towards instilling a healthy life regime in people without the use of humiliating and derogatory devices. That is not to say that physical exercise boot camps are not as physically demanding as military ones. The fact is that many of the exercises are modeled after military boot camps. The exercises apply the same training methods and use the same equipment to increase endurance, stamina, and overall fitness.

The boot camps are generally located away from cities and crowded places, usually within or at the edge of wooded areas. This is done to reduce interruption and avoid temptations that urban areas provide. The aim of the boot camps is not only to help people reduce body weight but also to increase their self-confidence and improve their vitality. Hike, treks, rafting and rock-climbing activities are regularly organized so those people who push themselves to the edge of their physical capacities.