Best Chest Exercises

A man with a well-built chest is usually considered strong and virile. Many consider a man's chest as one of the sexiest muscle groups of the body. The muscles in the chest consist of the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is the bigger muscle group and extends over most of the clavicle and sternum. It attaches the shoulder to the upper arm. Among its major functions are adduction towards the body, medial or inward rotation at the shoulder level and flexion. The pectoralis minor lies under the major and performs similar functions. It is formed in a thin triangular shape.

A good posture and a strong physique are precursors to a well-built chest muscle. These muscles are mostly used during contact sports like football and rugby. Chest building is usually considered difficult. Often, both trainers and body builders do not train on power exercises like bench press thus failing to get the desired result. Going all out on such power moves and doing other chest exercises like using free weights and dumbbells help in achieving a well-shaped chest.

For total chest development two kinds of movements are necessary: Press and Flys. Flat bench press is considered the best chest muscle builder apart from squats and deadlifts. By changing the bench's angle, both the upper chest (incline press) and the lower chest (decline press) can be hit hard leading to complete chest development. Dumbbell flys help to build the inner chest. Power moves like flat bench press further helps to build the muscles in the chest.

The basic chest muscle building exercises consist of barbell flat bench press, barbell incline bench press and dumbbell flys and machine flys/ pec decks. Those aspiring to build good chest muscles should never miss these three exercises. Bench presses and curls are the first exercises that new weight lifters should learn. The chest or pecs (pectorals) are considered second only to biceps as far as showing off of muscles are concerned.

The flat barbell bench press has a number of variations. A close grip flat barbell bench press is used for triceps, while a wide grip flat barbell bench press is a standard pectorals builder. The incline bench press is used for the upper pecs, while the decline bench press is used for the lower pectorals. The dumbbell bench press is an awesome way to prevent any strength imbalances between the two sides of the body. Among the variations, the single medium grip motion is the best as it does not compromise the integrity of the shoulders and rotator cuffs.

Explosive push ups are meant for weightlifters and athletes. These exercises help in developing explosive power in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Clapping push ups and plyometric push ups are the recommended ones. Dumbbell flys are needed for complete body building. Rather than doing this exercise at the end of a chest workout, dumbbell flys can be used as a recovery exercise a day after a heavy chest workout. The body would be able to relax and blood flow to all areas of the chest muscles would increase.