Best Abdominal Exercises Crunches

Some of the best exercises for reducing fat on the stomach include doing abdominal crunches or abs crunches. These are essential to maintain your overall health and also for reducing the level of fat deposited in these areas. Abs crunches are a very simple process and here you need to make sure that you get your position right. If the position of the body is not right during the exercises, then you may be causing more damage to the body instead of getting any results.

Some of the easiest forms of abs crunches include lying down on the mat with the back pushed to the ground. Then you should bring you feet as close to the hips as possible and keep they shoulder width apart. Then you should place both the hands behind the head and retain this position in a way so that the hands are just lightly supporting the neck. Now you should raise the head from the floor and lift your shoulder blades as you do the same.

When you are lifting both you should exhale and inhale as you put the body back to the initial position. It should be remembered that before you start off with these exercises, the body should be in the above mentioned position and the stomach should be sucked in, with inhaled breath. This posture is vital because breathing is one of the most vital factors that affect the muscles in the abdominal areas. Also you should not support your head too much as you are to lift your shoulders and hit the core abs muscles.

While doing these exercises you should try and do at least 10 to 20 crunches in one set to get the initial impact. As you specialize in the same, you should start increasing the number of repetitions in each set and also increase the number of sets that you are performing for getting this abs. The abdominal muscles will show results only if you are doing the exercises properly with increasing number of sets.

You can also make the workout more intensive with the help of alternating two abs exercises at the same time. For instance, you can combine oblique abs exercises, where the movements of the shoulders are from opposite. Here the right shoulder blade moves towards the left knee and the left shoulder blade moves towards the right knee. Hence you can do one regular abdominal crunch and two of the alternate or side crunches.

Apart from this you can also change the postures of doing the abs crunches by raising the legs in the air and then doing the same exercise or trying to do cycling legs with the alternate hands. All of these exercises can help you to lose fat in the abdominal area and ensure that you have shapely abs.

However it should be remembered that while doing these exercises you should keep the breathing techniques right or else the muscles will take a longer time to response. Also the body posture should be right or there are chances that you would be hurting the neck and the back in this process.