Best Ab Exercise Machines

In recent times many people, especially film stars, are found to be almost obsessed with what is called ‘six-pack' abs. Considered as sexy, flattening the stomach and toning the abs have become such a craze that varieties of ab exercise machines have flooded the market in order to meet the needs of a growing number of customers. Quite naturally, ab exercise machines have now come a long way in a short period from the days of the Ab Roller, one of the oldest of the modern ab exercise machines.

Before looking at today's ab exercise machines, we should understand what these machines are trying to tone. The abdominal region consists of three regions of muscles. The first is the Rectus Abdomininis, the most visible of the three muscles. If you try to have the ‘sexy' ‘six-pack' abs, you need to work on the Rectus Abdomininis. The second of the three muscles is known as the Internal Obliques, which are situated to either side of the torso. The third and main muscle is the Intercostals, running from the upper pectoral muscles to the lower latissimus dorsi.

But you should know one thing before you purchase any of the available ab exercise machines. It has been observed that in general, doing free exercises without using any type of machine is equally or even more effective than buying these bulky, often costly machines. Exercises such as reverse crunches, leg raises, and cross-knee crunches can give you the same or more amount of benefits than using ab exercise machines. In any case, if someone really feels that he/she needs the use of an ab machine, he/she should carefully choose a model that is worth its price. There are both good and bad ab machines in the market.

For example, the Ab Rocker is a lower-end machine that is similar in both the design and method of the old Ab Roller. Studies have revealed that this machine, far from being one of the best in the business, is less effective at isolating and toning the ab muscles than free exercises. Another disadvantage of this machine is that its bolts need to be tightened at frequent intervals. And, worse still, the Ab Rocker lacks full back support. Other ab exercise machines, for example Ab Toner and the Ab Blaster Plus, are similar in both price and performance. The prices of these models range from $40 to $70.

The Torso Track, although much more costly than the Ab Rocker, is not much better in performance. Unlike the conventional rocking motion of other machines, it is used from the knees with the stomach placed downwards. It is only slightly better than the familiar crunch. As some versions of the Torso Track cost up to $499.99, it is not the best idea to rush for one. The Torso Track, however, has variable resistance and full back support, and uses the familiar crunch-like rolling method of ab exercise.

The best machine among these is the Weider Ab Shaper. This well-made machine is priced competitively and is one of the best known names in fitness. This machine costs only $49.99. Ab exercise machines may be small and foldable that can be kept under your bed and also as big as home gyms.