Athritis Knee Exercises Explained

Arthritis knee exercises are very significant if one is experiencing arthritis in the knee joints. Exercise is one way to preserve a strong and vigorous cartilage as it has the effect of strengthening the tendons and muscles that provide support to the knee. Nonetheless, not all exercises help the person suffering from knee arthritis; one must call a specialist for arthritis knee exercise, because incorrect exercise will just worsen the problem. There are some specific knee exercises to help us in our arthritis problems.

The easiest way to exercise one's knee is by sitting in a chair and letting our feet flat on the floor. It is imperative to know that when we are doing this exercise, we must see to it that one's thigh is parallel to the floor. The proper way of sitting can help the muscles and tendons around the knee to relax and remove any stress accompanying it. We can put variations like pointing and moving one's toes, slowly lifting the feet to make it parallel to the ground or raising the feet and doing a small circular motion.

Another easy exercise is by sitting on the ground while the legs are crossed. In this way, the muscles and tendons are stretched without exerting any effort. The person may remain in this position for at least 30 seconds and then fit in certain variations. We can slowly push the knee to the ground in order to put extra pressure on the muscles of the joints. It can be noticed that when the legs are crossed, one leg is on top of the other, hence; we should change the position of the legs and then apply pressure again.

Some difficult arthritis knee exercises include the quad set exercise, knee extension with leg lift, drake exercises, static hold exercise, straight leg raise, hamstring set exercise, and many more.

The quad set exercise is done to stiffen the muscles of the thigh and the legs in order to strongly support the knee joints. This is done by lying down comfortably and placing in the knee into the stomach. We must be sure that the legs are parallel to the ground and the toes are pointed. Fold the knee for 10 seconds, and thereafter rest it for 5 seconds, repeat the process again.

The knee extension with leg lift is done lying down and putting an object under our heel that will raise our legs at least 3 inches above the ground. In this position, we should try to slowly lift the leg up and then slowly put it down. By doing this exercise and by lifting only one leg at the time while the other leg is used as a support we can remove knee pain.

When doing any arthritis knee exercises, we must be careful of any pain that we may feel. If the pain becomes intolerable, we should immediately stop what we are doing and see a doctor. As mentioned, not all exercises are suitable to all knee arthritis problems, and the best way to know the applicable knee exercise program is to check with a doctor or an experienced health professional.