Treatments For Developmental Disabilities

There are various kinds of treatments available for the developmental abilities and there are some which are especially focused on the right care for children. There are various researches that blame vaccines to be the cause of autism but there are some studies seem to indicate that ultrasounds during pregnancy might also be a real problem. It said that these ultra sounds effect brain cells as they are forming in the beginning and even the slightest problem could cause them to fail because sound echoes inside the womb and heats up the unborn fetus, which is otherwise protected against about everything.

It has been seen that the under-stimulation of the cerebellum and thalamus affects both executive and motor functions and thus cerebellum and thalamus are under-stimulated. This also affects the ability to move in a fully coordinated way and to think and process information in optimal ways and thus interrupts with the normal functioning of the disabilities.

Cognitive Training is one of the therapies or treatments for these kinds of problems as it has been seen that many children with problems are receiving extra help through tutoring. These children have been usually placed in special education classes or are on medication and most of the times these remedies are not producing the permanent results that parents and teachers had expected. Hence the Cognitive Therapy and training for children is a great solution as most children are eager to learn.

It has been seen that when these children start school, they enjoy learning and competing with their classmates. But there are some considerations which should be kept in mind while handling these children is that they often have self injurious behavior and their learning disability often makes them more frustrated. Due to these pervasive developmental disabilities they have impairment in many areas of development including socialization, cognitive functioning, and physical ability.

The children with the Down syndrome can often benefit from speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other forms of exercises for gross and fine motor skills. They can also get help if they are helped by special education and attention at school. Those with Fragile X syndrome can get help to reduce or eliminate some of the learning, physical, speech and language, sensory problems common, social and emotional and other related problems through various methods.

Those suffering from autism can get help from behavioral, occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy. The girls who are suffering from the Rett syndrome can be treated through options which generally aim to slow the loss of abilities, improve or preserve movement. These treatments also encourage communication and social contact.

One of the most effective forms of treatments for the PKU is a special diet that carefully limits the protein phenylalanine and those who are on this diet from birth or shortly thereafter, are able to develop normally and usually have no symptoms of PKU. Thus these forms of treatments should be implemented depending on the disorder or problem that patient is suffering from and attempts should be made to handle the matter with care and sensitivity as it can take some time.