Department Of Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities are the disabilities that result from mental or physical impairments and/or a combination or both that render an individual unable to perform many daily life functions and appear before the age of twenty. Such disabilities are legally recognized in most of the world, especially the industrialized and developed world.

Since there is legislation present for the developmentally disable, it stands to reason that there should also be a government body to monitor and implement the legislation. This is where the Department of Developmental Disabilities comes in.

In countries where developmental disabilities are recognized and cared for, there exists a Department of Developmental Disabilities at federal as well as provincial/state levels. In fact, depending on the population characteristics, there may even be a Department of Developmental Disabilities at the district or town level. The function of such departments is to provide a unified platform to gather information about those who have a developmental disability. The department is then able to channel efforts to help such individuals as well as send information for better policy making for them at a macro level.

The Department of Developmental Disabilities does not work in isolation. It works with the aid and co-operation of the many health clinics, NGOs and other government bodies. Public representatives as well as volunteers also contribute to make sure the department runs smoothly.

If you have a child under your care that has a developmental disease, having him or her registered with the Department of Developmental Disabilities is critical. This ensures that your child's disability is recognized and he or she receives proper attention and facilitation from both the federal government as well as your state or provincial government. If there are any further researches in the area of your child's disability, your interaction with the Department of Developmental Disabilities will ensure that you know about them as well as the best institutes that may be of help to you.

Having developmental disabilities also entitles an individual to certain benefits. Generally these are channeled through Social Security, but considering the nature of the disability, the department may decide on direct facilitation for treatment or therapy as well. Many times, being registered with the Department of Developmental Disabilities means getting access to the best health care in your area, because the team and machinery working at such a government facility aims to improve the quality of life of every individual who may be going through a disability.

So does the Department of Developmental Disabilities solve all your problems? Sadly, they don't. Research about many developmental disabilities is ongoing and these departments do help to channel the efforts but they are not an end in themselves. A child who faces a developmental disability needs and has a right to, as a human being, all the health care that can be given. Such individuals are nevertheless a part of our society and such governing bodies as well as the NGOs and other facilities that work with them need public support and understanding. The same is true for those who are challenged with spending their lives with any form of mental and physical impairment.