Ayurvedic Treatment For Developmental Disabilities

A profound understanding of the nature of developmental disabilities and how it affects the brain will help people to react constructively to their child's special condition and eventually find a treatment that will soothe the symptoms. Psychiatric medicine is often prescribed to stimulate the production of vital neural hormones. However, the side effects of severe mood swings and addiction are far too risky than the fleeting relief those drugs can provide.

The child's delicate condition requires ayuvedic medicines that would aid in restoring the balance within the affected regions of the brain. In the past, ayurvedic medicines were administered individually to improve cognitive functions and behavior. The Rosemary was utilized to promote memory functions while Panax Ginseng was prescribed to boost motivation and energy. The herb Centella Asiatica, on the other hand, is a well regarded herbal medicine in the books of Ayurvedic medicine due to its enhancing effect on cerebral blood flow. Taking cues from nature, physicians now combined the therapeutic extracts of herbal medicines in one potent herbal supplement formula that provides a holistic treatment to developmental disorders without the dreaded side effects that are typical with medications.

Recent scientific studies reinforce the biological nature of the developmental disorders ADD and ADHD. Supporting the paradigm of stress hormone and neurotransmitter imbalance are findings of delayed frontal cortex development that triggers ADD. Now that doesn't make the child mentally challenged. Some ADD cases get over the symptoms once the frontal spheres of the brain eventually peak during the young ages. Nevertheless, to aid in cortex development, consider the administration of ADD ayurvedic medicines formulas to help the child cope with the symptoms.

The symptoms of developmental disorder commence during the formative years where affected school children find themselves in a constant struggle to meet the cognitive and psychomotor demands of schoolwork that is often aggravated by impulsive behavior, sleeping disorders, and intermittent mood swings. People wouldn't want their child to endure all these pains and troubles. So luckily they have a choice with ayurvedic medicines for Attention Deficit Disorder. If they have a child with ADHD, they must know the frustration of being able to help the child cope in a world where their thought process is different to those around him or her. They also are most likely aware of the dangers that lurk behind the drugs that are used to treat ADHD. People may decide to try herbal remedies that promise to "cure" ADHD.

A child with developmental disorder should not have to alter his or her personality to please others at their own expense. Drugs are mind altering and can make the child listless and tired all of the time and make a shell of their former self. Ayurvedic remedies, even if they worked, would do the same thing. If people really want to help a child with ADHD, they will skip the drugs, forget the herbal remedies and start working with the child to help them not be cured of ADHD, but to learn to turn what is seen to be a disorder into a gift.