Manic Depression Symptoms Medication

There are so many different kinds of depressions affecting our lives these days. These forms of depression are detrimental for our health and they also lead to various kinds of physical problems. One such depression includes manic depression, where the medication is essential and identification of the symptoms is also essential. Basically the term manic depression has been used to refer to mood swings. These range from overly high or manic stages to the overly low and depressed stages. Manic depression has been known by many other names and these include bipolar disorder.

In this form of depression the person experiences a mood alternation between the poles. This refers to the manias or the highs and the depressions or the lows. Basically in bipolar disorder, the brain suffers from problems that result in unusual changes in the person's mood, energy, and ability to function normally. The person who is suffering from manic depression is known as a manic-depressive. This illness or bipolar disorder affects both men and women and even though it can start at any age, most of the times it begins in late adolescence.

It has been seen that manic depression or bipolar disorder is found among people of all ages, races and ethnic groups. This can also happen to people of all social classes and apparently, there is a genetic link to this disorder. Hence manic depression tends to run in families. However, there are some very side effects of this form of depression and apart from affecting the sufferer's life it can also cause serious damage to the caretakers mind. Manic depression can devastate the lives of the caregivers and members of the immediate family.

Some of the most common symptoms of manic-depressive illness or bipolar disorder are based on the manic or depressive episodes. There are different stages of the manic depressive disorders and these include manic episode. The manic episode has been diagnosed in elevated moods. This occurs with 3 or more of the other symptoms and lasts for most of the day. This can reoccur nearly every day, or for 1 week and also stays on for longer periods at times.

Then there is the depressive episode, which can be diagnosed if 5 or more of these symptoms occur. These symptoms can last most of the day or for a number of days.The mixed bipolar episode can occur together in a mixed bipolar state where feelings of high and low moods are experienced at the same time. The treatment options for manic depression include adequate amount of sleep and regular sleep along with the apt medication.

Symptoms of manic depression include periods of excess energy, activity, and restlessness. There is also increased or euphoric mood along with distractibility and racing thoughts. Such people jump from one idea to another and they hardly sleep. There is also an increased sexual drive, frivolous spending, poor sense of judgment and extreme irritability. These people also reflect provocative or aggressive behavior, are into abuse of drugs and deny that anything is wrong, while continuing with these forms of disturbed behavior symptoms.