Free Depression Help Online

Depression influences every area of a person's life and keeps them from living a life of completion, delight and tranquility. It hits millions of people throughout the world every year. Depression is a problem that often goes untreated. But no one needs to become a victim of depression and its consequences or suffer any longer because there is hope. Depression is curable.

There are a number of depression related help available online. Whether or not we have personally been touched by depression, we can benefit from an online course called Hope for Depression. It is taught by a qualified professional who concentrates on the working with people dealing with depression. We can learn what depression is and certain strategies to prevent and overcome depression.

Life is full of happy and bad times. But if we have been feeling low for more than a few weeks or are having problem functioning normally in daily life, we may be suffering from a common yet grave medical illness called clinical depression. The good news is that clinical depression is extremely curable. Most people with depression, however, do not seek the professional help they need because they do not know the symptoms and think that depression will go away on its own.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether we have symptoms of depression is by taking a free, private depression-screening test. Screening tests, on the web site, are not proposed to offer a diagnosis for clinical depression. But they may help in identifying any depressive symptoms.

The web site is sponsored by the Mental Health America as part of the Campaign for America's Mental Health. The task of this web site is to educate people about clinical depression, offer a private way for people to get screened for symptoms of the illness, and show people appropriate professional help if required.

A Depression Test is no alternative for a Professional Health Care diagnosis. If we suspect we are depressed we can contact our Health Care Professional instantly.

Goldberg Depression Inventory: an online depression test of 18 questions, by psychiatrist Ivan K. Goldberg that provides immediate feedback with a scale of our level of depression. It can be used weekly to track our moods.

The Geriatric Depression Scale: suitable as a screening test for depressive symptoms in the elderly. This test has 15 Yes or No questions.

Online Depression Test: an online depression test of 12 questions that asks if we have been feeling during the past few days.

A Test for Depression: this online depression test is adapted from the one used for the National Depression Day Screening and contains 23 Questions. Results fall into one of the 4 groups ranging from within normal range to stern depression.

The Depression Test: an online test to determine our level of depression. There are 23 questions and choose which of 4 statements most closely matches how we feel.

Clinical Depression Screening Test: check list to help we determine if we or someone we know is suffering from clinical depression.