Depression Help Advice Increases Happiness, Self Esteem And Confidence

Depression has a close relation with self esteem, happiness and confidence of a person. A person who is suffering from depression seldom experiences happiness and usually possesses low self esteem and confidence. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence and happiness are often constant companions for those who have depression.

If a person can increase his/her self-esteem, it may be possible for that individual to feel what happiness is all about and also understand the reasons behind his/her depression. By taking the help of self esteem or self confidence building measures, a person can discover and utilize his/her inner power to accept and change his/her attitude.

Depression is a serious mental problem arising out of physical, mental and spiritual imbalance. It calls for professional medical advice in most cases. It is necessary to treat one's body, brain and soul together to improve the condition. It has been observed that depression and self esteem are inversely proportion to each other; the more the depression the less the self esteem and vice versa. So one must get rid of depression to experience the meaning of happiness, to raise his/her self esteem and boost confidence.

In order to get over depression and increase self esteem and confidence, it is advisable to seek proper medical advice as early as possible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is one of the most disabling conditions in the world, and is likely to become even more severe in the future. So it is necessary for those affected by depression to follow medical advice and if they want to stop or change medication should again seek advice from doctors who have prescribed them. As a matter of fact, anti depressants can take a long time to work and if one fails there are others that can be given a try. But medical advice and following them are essential to tackle depression, and increase self esteem and confidence.

However, some medicines used for treating depression carry some side effects. In such cases, alternative methods can be experimented with. Besides taking medical advice, these alternative healing methods include self esteem and self confidence building strategies that could bring back happiness in the depressed person's life.

Among self esteem and depression alternative healing methods are closeness to nature, a proper diet rich in B-vitamins, drinking more water, eating more fresh fruits and raw vegetables, taking herbal teas to calm down the nervous system, taking massage, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, etc. Even talking to your partner, family and your friends about your situation will help you get rid of depression. There is no harm in seeking advice from someone you really trust. Small things like reading a good book, watching a good movie, even a flower, can bring about a change in one's mood.

But in more severe cases of persistent depression, which lowers one's self esteem and dents one's confidence, the best way is to consult a medical professional and seek his/her advice. Both medical and alternative methods of treating depression can bring back happiness in your life as they can increase your self esteem and boost the level of your confidence.