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In the fields of psychology and psychiatry, the terms depression or depressed means sadness and other related emotions and behaviors. It can be thought of as either a disease or a syndrome. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) states that a depressed mood is often reported as feeling depressed, sad, helpless, and hopeless. In traditional colloquy, "depressed" is often synonymous with "sad," but both clinical and non-clinical depression can also refer to a conglomeration of more than one feeling.

Mind Control Helps To Survive Depression After Infidelity And Cheating

We all experience difficulties in life, such as problems in relationship related to infidelity, cheating, insecurity, jealousy, etc. We are born to this world and travel through our life, each following our own unique path. While on the road, we experience different things. How these experiences affect us, depends partially on our genes and partially on environment we live in. As a child, our mind is open to new things. Only few of us are lucky enough in that sense that everything in their life goes exactly the way they would want. Most of us have to at some point in our lives face losses and heartaches of different sorts. Each negative experience will leave a mark into our Mind, and if the cleaning up is not done properly and fast enough, scars may remain forever.

Alcohol Causes Depression

It has been confirmed that alcohol causes depression. Depression is an enduring feeling of hopelessness, sadness, unhappiness, and causes a bleak and dull outlook towards life. And when we are suffering from depression we cannot be at the top of our game. It is hard to function at our best when we are fatigued and are experiencing a general lack of interest, also caused by depression. It may also be important to point out here that depression causes anxiety. So people who suffer from depression will also have episodes of anxiety.

Teenage Depression Is On The Rise, With Increasing Pressures Of Exams And Academic Competition

Teenage depression is not just about bad moods and occasional melancholy but it is more than that. Depression is a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teenís life. If it is left untreated, teen depression can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, self-loathing and even irreversible disaster such as homicidal violence or suicide. Providentially, teenage depression can be treated, and as a concerned parent, teacher, or friend, there are many things we can do to help. But there are as many misconceptions about teen depression as there are about teenagers in general. Yes, the teen years are tough, but most teens balance the requisite angst with good friendships, success in school or outside activities, and the development of a strong sense of self.

Cornell Scale For Depression In Dementia

Mental depression or the state or having serious mood disorder especially for the acute mental disease known as dementia is highly increasing to the recent years due to the problematic and complex world that most of the people have right now. Some of the disordered people with weak self esteem or firm personality find difficulty on making adjustments and blending out to the outer world. Serious mental depression due to dementia is a form of serious disease that also needs proper medical diagnosis because its level and effects to a particular subject vary. In the developed medical world, several psychogeriatric depression rating scales are being made as basis to asses the extent of depression. Some of these rating scales are the GDS that stands for Geriatric Depression Scale and the Cornell Depression Scale or CSDD.

How To Survive A Depression

When coping with mental depression people must meet these three emotional needs to keep their smile intact. In addition to the basic needs for food, shelter, and safety, the psychologist Abraham Maslow identified the other three basic human needs including the need to; belong, have self-esteem, and self fulfillment to keep mentally and emotionally healthy and thriving. Many people meet these three types of emotional and actualization needs through their work and they need other avenues when coping with layoffs. These factors might also be true if the bad economy has one in the less than perfect job, he or she might need to focus on this too.

Depression Hotlines

Everybody feels depressed and angry at one point or another. That case is quite normal. Feeling serious anger is a very normal and regular emotion and it is not a problem. It is however, the response in handling the anger that becomes a problem. For instance, in some conditions anger motivates people to make necessary changes in their lives. Even there are times when the anger of a person can turn into serious aggression. When tremendous anger is turned into one self, people might undergo stress, self-harm or low mood levels. When anger presents people with a situation which they cannot cope with and they feel like there is nobody they can run to, they can call depression hotlines.

Teenage Depression Statistics

Various studies have been conducted on teenage depression statistics, which have been used to determine the causes of teenage depression. These statistics are vital in determining the reasons for this form of depression and also the solutions for the same. When these statistics on teen depression were studies, the results were sobering as these studies indicated that almost one in five children or teenagers had some sort of mental, behavioral, or emotional problem. It was also shown through these statistics that the one in ten also had a serious emotional problem.

Economic Depression Definition, An Economic Depression Suggests A Very Serious Recession

An economic depression is a severe economic recession that lasts several years. The US economy, luckily, has not experienced a depression since the great depression of 1929 which lasted ten years. An economic depression can badly affect a community, a region, a nation, or the world. Economic depressions and serious recession are often defined by several characteristics.

Depression Tests Will Explain You Clearly About Whether You Have A Serious Depression Or Plain Blues

Depression is a very perplexing term, which confuses a lot of people. It is hard to tell whether people suffer from depression or not. There are certain types of depression tests are out there to help diagnose someone suffering from depression, and what kind of treatment they require; based on the type of depression they may suffer from. If people want to learn about the different depression tests potential depression people normally undergo, then they should go for some expertís suggestions.

Depression Quiz To Determine If You Might Be Depressed

If people want to learn more about mental depression, or if they want to ascertain whether they are suffering from it, then they can use a depression quiz. Depression quiz helps people to ascertain whether they are suffering from this mental disease in the first place or not, and once the fact has been established, and it is found that depression is present, and then the depression quiz also helps them to ascertain the exact type and symptoms experienced.

Social Bullying Causes Depression And Anxiety

If you thought that the effects of bullying disappear as soon as your child gets out of school, you are horribly mistaken. Social bullying like circulation of rumors and gossiping could prove to be more harmful than bruises or black eyes suffered in a school fight. The psychological effects of this social type of bullying extend long beyond the school days and linger into early adulthood. This leads to depression and anxiety even when the victim has attained adulthood.

He Depression Test Analyzes Your Depression Quotient

In todayís fast moving world, depression is an increasingly worrying condition found among people in all parts of the world. Unless taken care of at an early stage, depression can ruin a personís life. So it is wise to detect any possible signs of depression as early as possible so that remedial measures can be taken to treat the condition. A simple depression test can help you in this regard in case you fell like having some symptoms of depression. A depression test will help analyze your depression quotient, which in turn, will determine the future course of action.

Free Depression Tests Online

Depression has been recognized as one of the most rapidly growing forms of mental diseases and it should be remembered that this disease or illness also has serious physical consequences. Hence getting help and treatment for these illnesses would help you to avoid a lot of physical problems as well. For helping people in understanding and curing their depression there are various kinds of free depression tests, which are easily available online. Through these tests you can diagnose if you are suffering from the symptoms of depression and find cures for the same.

Synthroid Depression Treatment Information

Depression has various kinds of treatments which include the ayurvedic forms of treatment like meditation, yoga, herbal medicines and then there are other forms of treatment, which are related to treating other illnesses as well as curing depression. This also includes the synthroid treatment, which has emerged as a popular form of treatment over the past few years for dealing with chronic depression along with solving various other health problems also.

Understanding And Treating Depression

Mental disorder like anxiety and depression is much more than having a bad day or feeling sad. There are a number of different types of mental depression which can be associated with different types of physical ailments, addictions or seasons. Some of the individuals experience situational mental depression which is triggered by an event but resolved in a healthy manner over time.

History On Depression

Several things people normally inherit from their parents like the color of their hair and eyes, their skin tone, even their height. People inherit these traits because they carry forward genes and these genes make up their DNA. People also unfortunately the same way inherit predisposition to certain diseases and even mental illness. Researches and scientists have recently shown that depression could actually be inherited. It simply means that if someone in the family is suffering from clinical depression, then there is a very high probability that the next generation too could become depressed.

Herbal Remedies For Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are one of the increasing problems in the world due to the mechanical lifestyles that people lead and their inabilities to relax and take life in their stride. Depression and anxiety are often the causes for some of the worst diseases including heart and other similar diseases. Hence curing depression and anxiety is essential and for this the herbal medicines or ayurvedic medicines are regarded as some of the best methods. Basically there are various kinds of natural treatments for getting rid of anxiety and depression and these include methods where exercises and natural therapy are used.

Depression Help Line

Any people suffering from severe mental depression and is being treated for it will find that spending some time online in anxiety depression chat rooms is a very good thing. In the online chat rooms people will be able to discuss about their emotional problems they have been dealing with while remaining safely anonymous, and they will also be able to speak with those people who understand what they are going through.

Free Depression Chat Rooms

Any people suffering from anxiety or mental depression and is being treated for it will find that spending some time online in anxiety depression chat rooms is a very good thing. The people suffering with mental illness will be able to discuss the emotional problems they have been dealing with while remaining safely anonymous, and they will be able to speak with people who understand what they are going through. Suffering from mental illness whether it is anxiety depression, bipolar disorder, or just major depression, does not have to be done alone.

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