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The Myths Of Depression Explained.

An article examining the true facts around depression. This article debunks the myths to ensure that readers are left without a doubt as to the true nature of depression, the treatment options and the various feelings and symptoms one may encounter as a sufferer. Ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about depression, either as a patient or as someone close to someone with depression.

Antidepressants Are Usually The First-line Treatment For Moderate Or Severe Depression

Depression is not a lifelong disease but itís only a temporary state of mind where everything around us looks dull, bleak and sad. Often change in the environment or medication helps the patient get over depression. An antidepressant is a psychiatric medication which is used to enhance mood disorders for instance major depression and dysthymia. Many drugs including the monoamine oxidase inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin-nor epinephrine reuptake inhibitors are most often connected with the term.

Depression Help Advice Increases Happiness, Self Esteem And Confidence

Depression has a close relation with self esteem, happiness and confidence of a person. A person who is suffering from depression seldom experiences happiness and usually possesses low self esteem and confidence. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence and happiness are often constant companions for those who have depression.

Childhood Depression Is Not A Myth

A child suffering from depression is absolutely different from an adult undergoing it. In fact, it is different from a childís everyday emotions as well. Just because a child appears sad or says he or she is sad does not mean he or she is suffering from depression. If this sadness continues for days, parents need to look into the matter. And if the childís daily behavior interferes with regular, normal activities, be it in school, with friends or at home, it is indicative of depression. One must keep in mind that depression, though a serious ailment is highly treatable.

Post-partum Depression Is Severe Depression In A Woman After She Has Given Birth

A moderate to severe depression in women after giving birth is termed postpartum depression. This depression can occur in a woman soon after the delivery or up to a year later. Usually, it occurs within the first four weeks after delivery. During pregnancy, a woman suffers from mood changes due to changes in the hormone levels. As having a baby leads to several changes in oneís lifestyle, certain mood changes are quite normal and expected. Most women suffer from depression for a short period of time in the first few weeks of pregnancy. One feels irritated, anxious, tearful and restless. This goes away without any treatment.

Symptoms And Signs Of Depression Are Common In The Geriatric Population

Depression among the elderly can have many faces. The most common psychiatric diagnosis of older adults is the Major Depressive Disorder which is an illness where symptoms are present for more than a two-week period and may include depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, significant weight loss or weight gain, too little or too much sleep every day, greatly slowed or increased activity level every day, fatigue, a sense of worthlessness, diminished ability to think or concentrate, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal feelings.

Different Types Of Depression

Depression is an emotional disorder encompassing many different types of such disorders. Certain characteristics are same in the different types of depression but the way these disorders affect the suffererís life is vastly different. To find the right treatment, one must understand and know the different types of this disorder. Depending on the intensity of the symptoms, the duration of the symptoms and the specific causes, the diagnosis and treatment of the different disorders are done. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), a publication by the American Psychiatric Association, describes the symptoms of the different types of depressive or emotional disorders.

Best Cure For Depression

Thousands of people suffer from depression every year ranging from mild occasional bouts of depression to long term and more serious forms of clinical depression. The basic answer could be that there is no such known cure for depression as it is a very personalized thing. Instead it would depend on the person and what would cause that depression to happen in the first place.

Types Of Depression Have Varying Symptoms, Severity And Duration

Depression is a serious ailment but it is treatable. It is a kind of disease that silently sucks out the joy and energy from somebody. A continued state of sadness or emotions different from someoneís normal behaviour is usually termed as depression. If this behaviour starts interfering with regular activities everywhere, it is time to consult a psychiatrist. The primary symptoms of depression include anger, irritability, social withdrawal, a feeling of hopelessness or sadness, changes in sleep and appetite, fear of rejection, crying, fatigue and difficulty in concentrating. Often, suicidal tendencies tend to develop in many individuals suffering from prolonged depression.

Manic Depression Symptoms Medication

There are so many different kinds of depressions affecting our lives these days. These forms of depression are detrimental for our health and they also lead to various kinds of physical problems. One such depression includes manic depression, where the medication is essential and identification of the symptoms is also essential. Basically the term manic depression has been used to refer to mood swings. These range from overly high or manic stages to the overly low and depressed stages. Manic depression has been known by many other names and these include bipolar disorder.

Free Depression Help Online

Depression influences every area of a personís life and keeps them from living a life of completion, delight and tranquility. It hits millions of people throughout the world every year. Depression is a problem that often goes untreated. But no one needs to become a victim of depression and its consequences or suffer any longer because there is hope. Depression is curable.

Depression Poems Express The Agony Of Depression And The Longing For Love, Peace, And Happiness

No individual can feel happy at all times. But there exist some people who feel that they can never be happy. Many of them feel that their entire life is nothing but loneliness, pain and struggle. They probably have a proper understanding of what depression means. In psychiatry and psychology depression means the emotion of sadness and other related behaviour. Though no one knows what exactly leads to depression, the symptoms show a vast change from a personís normal behaviour. A downcast mood, loss of interest in most activities, a feeling of guilt and worthlessness, lack of concentration and above all, suicidal tendencies are some of the major symptoms of depression.

Natural Herbs For Depression

Depression means the emotion of sadness and other related behaviour, as per psychiatry and psychology. No one knows for sure what leads to depression. The symptoms, however, show a vast change from a personís normal behaviour. A downcast mood nearly everyday, loss of interest in most activities, change in appetite and weight, insomnia, loss of energy, a feeling of guilt and worthlessness, lack of concentration and above all, suicidal tendencies are some of the major symptoms of depression. All these symptoms may occur suddenly or gradually. Without any help, a depressed mood can go on for weeks, or even years.

Depression Medicine Is The Best Cure For Depression Depends On The Individual

As per psychiatry and psychology, depression means the emotion of sadness and other related behaviour. According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), depression leads to the feeling of sadness and hopelessness. No one knows for sure what leads to depression. The symptoms, however, show a vast change from a personís normal behaviour. A downcast mood nearly everyday, loss of interest in most activities, change in appetite and weight, insomnia, loss of energy, a feeling of guilt and worthlessness, lack of concentration and above all, suicidal tendencies are some of the major symptoms of depression. These may occur suddenly or gradually.

Depression Hotlines Are Companies Which Employ Empathetic Professionals

Depression hotlines are available from companies which employ empathetic professionals to deal with depression patients. These hotlines are available to help the patients suffering from depression to deal with their problems better and also to help them avoid symptoms and worsening of the disease. Usually depression is not fatal but if it is not treated on time, then the patients may show symptoms of giving up their life and getting suicidal.

Natural Herbs For Depression And Anxiety

Depression is a condition of grief or dejection that often advances to the point of being upsetting to an individual's social performance and daily behavior. It is caused by a disparity of brain chemicals, along with other factors. Symptoms of depression include feelings of overwhelming sadness, a drop off in the amount of interest or pleasure in all routine activities, changing appetite and marked weight gain or loss, troubled sleep pattern, decline in self esteem, and feelings of culpability, helplessness, despair, nervousness, or fright.

Depression After Childbirth Is Called Postpartum Depression

The term postpartum depression or PPD occurs after childbirth and is also called postnatal depression. This is a form of clinical depression, which pregnant women get affected from and men are rarely affected from the same. There have been various studies conducted in this reference and the rates of prevalence among women range from 5% to 25%, however the methodological differences in these studies can make the actual prevalence rate unclear.

Psychotic Depression Treatment

Psychotic major depression is also known as PMD and this is a type of depression that can include symptoms and treatments, which may be very different from those of non-psychotic major depressive disorders or NPMD. The PMD is also a part of regular depression and it has been estimated to affect about 0.4% of the population. Usually the patients with psychotic depression experience delusions and these are actually beliefs or feelings that are unsupported and are not true.

Anti Depression Medications

What is the true definition of depression? Well, there are many schools of thought on this and each one of them has its own standpoint. Whatever it is the most universally accepted one happens to be that depression is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity. If we do take this definition into account, we can get rid of several wrong conceptions. It can be that there is any person in your vicinity (or even you) who always feels under the weather or remains dejected always and never try to mingle with others. They are sometimes equated with insane people although this is nothing but fallout of depression.

Bipolar Disorder Was Called Manic Depression

Bipolar disorder causes dramatic mood swings from overly high or irritable to sad and hopeless, and then back again, often with periods of normal mood in between. Harsh changes in energy and behavior go along with these changes in mood. The periods of highs and lows are called episodes of mania and depression. It may be supportive to think of the various mood states in bipolar disorder as a spectrum or continuous range. At one end is severe despair, above which is modest depression and then mild low mood, which many people call "the blues" when it is short-lived but is termed "dysthymia" when it is chronic. Then there is normal or balanced mood, above which comes hypomania and then severe mania.

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