Building Muscle On A Raw Food Diet

Excessive body weight is a harmful condition that is the cause of many ailments like diabetes, cancer, thyroid and many more such diseases. There are many different ways and means by which a person can lose all the excessive body weight and lead a healthy and fit life. A person should adopt certain healthy regular habits in his or her life. Like the intake of a proper planned healthy diet with the inclusion of all the food groups, exercise and do work outs everyday, for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour and get a full rest, by sleeping for at least 8 hours, daily. By practicing this, a person can loss body weight and gain muscle too. But the easiest safest and the most effective way is by following a vegan diet or eating raw food to gain muscle.

A person can gain muscle mass on raw food diet, because the raw food diet means the consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains. A person on such type of diet plan avoids all kind of poultry products, fish and meat. They in turn consume large amount of vegetables and fruits which have low fat content. Now fish, poultry and meat products are the basic source for animal protein and protein is the key ingredient to the development of muscles. For that in this situation a person can avoid the intake of milk or milk product by replacing it with soy milk or almond milk, instead of butter use wine or broth, instead of eggs can use egg replacer which is usually made out of potato starch for all baking purposes. Protein intake through the consumption of only raw food product is healthy because the protein is not lost by the process of cooking or over heating.

Gaining muscle mass requires a person to do powerful and vigorous exercises. Therefore a person needs a lot of energy and stamina. This energy and stamina is provided by diet proteins and carbohydrates. But to go totally on raw food diet would be a little mentally upsetting because in muscle gain a lot of energy is required and the fruits and vegetables would provide the basic proteins that poultry, meat and fish could provide. Therefore a person along with the complete raw food diet must also get the intake of muscle gain supplements. But among the raw vegetables the best source of protein is spinach.

But the best source of dietary carbohydrates and proteins are cereals. A person must eat a heavy breakfast, which is rich in fiber and mineral nutrients. People should never starve and avoid meals; instead a person should eat at least 6 small meals a day. Because the muscles gain program needs a lot of stamina and the only way to get that required energy is by proper food intake; but a person should follow a proper healthy diet and through an efficient eating plan. A person should eat 6 small meals a day, which should in small proportion or quantity. And the food in the meals must include all the nutrient groups, like protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, water, salt etc. With all the above raw food methods and instructions a person can gain muscle and live a healthy and fit life.