Building Muscle For Women

There is often a misconception that the process of muscle building in women and men are very different, but this is not true. There is no denying that there are physiological differences of the bodies of men and women, which are known to all. But the process of building the bodies and strengthening of the muscles are same in both the genders and these are common exercises, which can be done by both. The muscle building process in women has been based on various kinds of researches and conclusions usually include the difference in the sizes of both the genders.

It has been seen that men are usually 10 to 15% lager than women. Hence their weight is also more along with the upper body strength of men, which is also more as compared to women. Studies have shown that men have a hormone called testosterone and this aids in stimulating the growth of the muscles and bones along with providing oxygen to the cell. Hence these are calculations on which the muscle building process of men and women are based.

Workings out process of men have been compared to women and these researches show that the same kind of muscle growth is not possible. But even then women can build certain amounts of muscles in their bodies. Some of the differences here include the capacity required by men to build muscles. The muscle building capacity of men is about 50% while a woman would require at least 70% of her energy to come close to that area.

Since men can build muscles easily, there is no doubt that they are able to achieve their targets very easily. But it is not very difficult for women to follow up and some of the techniques for building muscles are the same in both. For example, the lifting of weights, focusing on the core muscle areas like the biceps and the triceps, eating diets rich in protein and some other general procedures, which help in muscle building, are common here. There is no doubt that process of building muscle involves making the muscles stressed out.

When the muscles get stressed they tend to get micro tears on them. For example, lifting weights and doing muscle building exercises results in these tears on the muscles and hence these muscles alter shapes and get toned. Remember that here the body feels a threat and hence goes into a survival mode. When the muscles are in the survival mode, the body starts to repair the muscles which have been damaged. The repairing does not involve the muscles going back to their original states but they become stronger and toned.

For enhancing the formation of these muscles and resuming their new status, it is essential to keep challenging them. If your muscles get used to a certain weight, they stop responding to them and so it is essential to increase the number of repetitions in the regime. You can also or increase the weight amount for the same as it will help to build the muscles even stronger. But for women, the intensity of the exercises should be maintained so that the women can also get toned muscles.