Building Muscle At Home Without Weights

Building muscles without weights is one of the easiest procedures for building muscles at home without having to invest in swanky gyms or getting new gear or equipment for exercising. The basic rules for exercising at home remain the same and hence you need to do your warm and cooling down sessions before and after the workout respectively. Also remember that building muscles without weights would also require some strictness in your diet and health routine to ensure that you get the fastest results.

The easiest way to workout at home and build muscles would be through a basic callisthenic training routine, which can be done by anyone. In this case the diet has a vital role ad hence you should include a diet that has 60% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 15% fat so that it is well balanced. All kinds of starches like rice and potatoes should be consumed and you should also drink plenty of water while you exercise. The excess consumption of carbohydrates should be avoided, especially if you have a sedate lifestyle.

Along with this you should increase the amount of protein in your diet and have more supplements like minerals and vitamins. The workout at home can give you basic muscles and a toned up body and improve your fitness levels and also posture. There are various kinds of exercises which would be targeting the core areas and muscles of the body and you should also breathe properly to ensure the same. The muscles of the shoulders or deltoids can be targeted with push-ups and semi one-arm Push-ups.

The ideal way of targeting the pecs or the upper front of rib cage would be the wide decline push ups and the Indian push ups. The brachy or the side of the arms can be also trained with the same exercises. The triceps or the back of the upper arms can be done through the wide decline push ups, Triceps Dips and Hip Raiser. The biceps can be trained with Indian Push-ups for targeting the front muscles of the arms. For targeting the traps or the upper back you can perform inverse push-ups and Hip Raiser.

The lats or the back muscles are achieved through inverse push-ups. For getting those six pack abs you need to target the area with regular crunches and twists. For the internal and external oblique or the sides of the waists, side bends and twists are suggested. For your buttocks the hip raise and the Indian Squats are ideal and the quadriceps can be trained through Indian Squats and Sideways Lunge, which also helps to shape the hamstrings.

These exercises almost complete the entire body workout but you need to keep increasing your repetitions and stamina so that you can develop on these muscles. Most of these muscles will be toned up the body and also help you improve your physique and gain tremendous strength. These exercises also help in increasing the stamina of the body and many of these exercises can be combined for training multiple groups of muscles at one go so that you save more time.