Building Muscle At Home

We all want to keep a fit body but often due to laziness never try and hit the gym. We never get up in the morning for a walk so that leaves to us to nothing but exercise at home. This too is a very good option and can be done at the convenience of the four walls of our house while listening to music or watching television and we can also get our family involved. This way we will be motivated and want to stick to our routine regularly.

The first exercise that can be easily done is push-up. The push-up will help us to build muscle at home by using our bodyweight to build our chest, shoulders and triceps. No extra equipments are required for this can be done easily. All we need is a spacious room and flexible clothes. We should remember to wear proper shoes even in our homes to avoid injury.

Perform the push up by placing the palms on the floor and arms straight to support the body. Our feet should be together and our entire body should be off the floor. Our face is pointing toward the floors. Now slowly inhale and lower the chest towards the ground. Just before our nose and chest touches the ground, we should press our palms into the floor and push-up to the starting position while exhaling. We can repeat this depending on our capacity.

The next muscle building exercise we can do is bicep curls to build our upper arms. There are many variations we can use: standing or sitting, palms facing up, in or down. If we have dumbbells it becomes even easier to perform the exercise. We should place a dumbbell in each hand and lift them alternately, squeezing the muscle hard at the top of the lift. We need to make sure to lower the weight in a controlled manner to keep from using momentum from lifting the weight. Be sure to use variations on the standard curl to keep our workout fresh.

The bodyweight squat is an additional excellent method to build muscle at home. The squat works on our quads and glutes, the two biggest muscle groups in our body. As we become stronger, we can use our dumbbells to increase the intensity. To do a squat, simply stand with the feet 8 to 10 inches apart and squat down until the top of our legs are parallel to the floor.

For beginners, we can use a chair to help to get the motion down. We need to make sure to keep our neck and our spine in the line and we should also try to inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up. These are just a few easy methods by which we can build muscle at home.

There are many other practices and workouts that can help in our muscle building at home. By working out at home we get motivated and have the urge to join a gym for better results. The hardest part is getting started with it but once we are in the groove we can make it a habit for a lifetime.