Knox Gelatin For Arthritis

Those who are suffering from arthritis are found using Knox gelatin in increasing numbers to get relief from their problems. Many arthritis patients have got good results using Knox gelatin, because gelatin may alleviate their symptoms, reduce stiffness and pain, and boost their mobility. This happens because Knox gelatin is structurally akin to collagen type 2, which consists of the connective tissues of the body, as well as those of the cartilage. Cartilage is a slippery surface ensuring smooth sliding of joints against each other. In arthritis, the cartilage loses its slipperiness thereby restricting movement.

The most familiar brand of Knox gelatin is the NutraJoint, which you can easily find in almost every grocery shop in boxes of individually packaged packets. A single dose daily of NutraJoint has been found to reduce to a considerable extent the stiffness, pain, and aches that arthritis often causes

The underlying theory behind use of Knox gelatin for arthritis is that it could assist the body in repairing damage and also prevent damage from taking place to begin with. Its main objective is to make cartilage smoother that would lead to smoother movements. Gelatin is prepared using the connective tissues of cows and other meat animals; no wonder it could act as a useful nutrient as well.

Many people, however, are quite concerned over the use of Knox gelatin in the treatment of arthritis. Some of its detractors argue that since Knox gelatin is derived from animals, it is not appropriate for the consumption of vegetarians and/or certain religious organizations. For such arthritis patients, a fruit extract called fruit pectin can be used as an alternative option. Fruit pectin is mostly used to prepare jams and jellies, the most familiar brand being Certo.

It has been observed that many of the food products in circulation these days lack the nutritional requirement of the population, with most minerals being absorbed into the body much slower than colloidal minerals, which is about 98%. It appears that Knox gelatin for arthritis provides the nutrition that many people miss in their standard diet. So it is wise to have a careful look at one's diet also.

The Arthritis Foundation (AF), however, has approved the use of gelatin as an effective remedy when used in combination with calcitonin. In addition, a German study documented successful outcomes using this type of treatment. While the Arthritis Foundation points out that even the use of placebos can alleviate arthritic symptoms, the growing evidence of the efficacy of Knox gelatin in arthritis treatment can no longer be ignored.

Having taken into account all possible factors, it can now be concluded that gelatin is a safe and effective product for application in arthritis treatment. Most users have confirmed that they have experienced considerable relief from pain after using Knox gelatin. There have been reports of side effects like upset stomachs or animal allergies, but their numbers are negligible. Those who are allergic to certain animals from which the gelatin is derived may have some slight allergic reactions and should avoid using it.

However, except for these stray cases, the general response is that Knox gelatin is safe and highly effective in arthritis treatment.