Homeopathic Remedy For Arthritis

Homeopathy remedies for treating various forms of arthritis are easily available and these remedies have known to provide various forms of benefits to patients. The rheumatoid forms of arthritis are the ones, which benefit the most from these treatments. But it should be remembered that there are various facts concerning these treatments and the suggestion of a doctor should be taken to ensure that you don't make your condition worse.

The homeopathic remedies have been useful in relieving the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. And in homeopathy the basic remedy approach has proven to be the best approach for dealing with chronic conditions. Here the use of Arnica is suggested and this helps to heal the feeling of bruising and soreness along with relieving the painful parts of the body, which feel worse from being moved or touched.

Then there is Aurum metallicum, which is a common remedy prescribed for wandering pains in the muscles and joints. This medicine works by providing relief from pain, which tends to get the worse at nights. Also the person may experience deep pain in the limbs as they are trying to sleep along with discomfort when they wake up. The treatment is very helpful in treating pain related to arthritis.

The Bryonia is suggested for relieving the stiffness and inflammation associated with the tearing or throbbing pain and this can be made worse by motion. Since this problem may have developed gradually, it also tends to get worse in cold dry weather. The discomfort may be aggravated by being touched or bumped and hence relief can be attained from this treatment.

The use of Calcarea carbonica is suggested for deeply aching arthritis involving node formation around the joints. Causticum can be given to patients who are suffering from deformities development in the joints and such a person would have a tendency toward tendon problems. The Calcarea fluorica is given to the arthritic patients for getting relief from pains that improve with heat and motion.

The Dulcamara is given when a person gets chilled and wet and are prone to chronic stiffness in the muscles, and allergies. The Kali bichromicum is given when arthritic pains alternates with asthma or stomach symptoms. The Kali carbonicum is useful for getting rid of stiffness and stitching pains that get worse in the early morning hours. Ledum palustre is used for arthritis that starts in lower joints and extends to higher ones and Pulsatilla is used for treating rheumatoid arthritis pain, which is changeable in quality.

Rhododendron is suggested for swelling and soreness and Rhus toxicodendron is given to provide relief from rheumatoid arthritis where the pain and stiffness is worse in the morning and first motion. Ruta graveolens is used for arthritis with a feeling of great stiffness that often gets worse from cold and damp or even exertion. These are some of the treatments used for treating arthritis and these can help the knees to get some relief from the pain, stiffness and the feeling of not being able to move the legs at all in many cases.