Arthritis Foundation - Arthritis Foundation Of India

There is a general fallacy that only a government can do the best work in any society. Do you think this as true? Even if you think, it is not right. In each and every country lots of organizations do operate who do outshine even the government in excellence. One of them is surely the Arthritis Foundation of India that has already won laurels in the global arena. But, before we become acquainted with this organization, let's get well-versed with the disease of arthritis.

What is arthritis? It is an inflammatory disease or a disease that entails joint inflammation. Which joint are we talking about? Well, it's the joint where two or more bones meet, for instance, the hip or knee. The bones of a joint are addressed with a smooth, elastic material called cartilage. It is the cartilage that plays as cushion to the bones, which lets the joint act without pain. There is a thin film of tissue called synovium that delineates the joint and it makes a slippery fluid called synovial fluid that aliments the joint and assists decreases friction between the bones. If any region in and around the joint gets heated, there may be the growth to pain, puffiness and even determined mobility.

There are, in fact, two distinct types of arthritis. They are primary and secondary Arthritis. While primary arthritis is often referred to as the 'wear-and-tear' arthritis, (being linked up with aging and the degeneracy of the cartilage with the coming of age), secondary arthritis can be copied to an apparent cause. It is to be noted that the break up of cartilage in this case can be associated to makes for example obesity, injury, hereditary.

Have you got the real meaning of the disease? Now, let's concentrate on the Arthritis Foundation of India. It is basically an NGO, established by the immense efforts of a group of doctors and social activists working in the domain of arthritis and osteoporosis. It must be stated that the whole idea of making AFI was to accomplish organized social work in the field of osteoporosis and arthritis and place this issue on the National Health Agenda. It is imperative since there is hardly any family where a member is not suffering from these twin ailments. There are other noble plans as well. While on one hand AFI is engaged in doing a countrywide camping through TV commercials on osteoporosis, it intends to take up osteoporosis as a health cum social movement.

On the other hand the organization is holding awareness and free health checkup camps where Free Bone Mineral Densitometry test and medicine distribution is done. Is this any temporary phase? It doesn't appear so if we look at the determination of AFI. According to its own version, it's a continuing effort and more camps regarding free BMD camps, literature distribution and education through video presentations are in the pipeline. How do you find this? Isn't this great?

The next words may amaze you more. For Arthritis Foundation of India this not merely any health obligation but a social and moral obligation as well. Do you get the reason? In India, especially among children, diseases like bony pains, deformities are getting prominent increasingly and this may lead to the growth of disconsolate childhood and bleak future.

It's not only a health obligation, but a social and moral obligation too on our organization as bony pains, deformities in children can lead to disturbed schooling and dejected childhood.