Antler Arthritis

When a person is afflicted with antler arthritis, he/she feels soreness and ache in the joints. Arthritis, in general, refers to inflammation of joints. In fact, arthritis cannot be called a single disease; it is a group numerous related conditions. In the term antler arthritis, antler refers to the horns on a male deer that has become distorted. That's why when someone suffers from antler arthritis, the joints of that person's body create joint distention and deformity.

Antler arthritis has the same causes like those in any other forms of arthritis. Antler arthritis may be caused by weight, age, bone injuries, infections, illness and several other factors. These causes may either directly lead to antler arthritis, or just worsen the condition of one who has already been suffering from it.

The symptoms of antler arthritis resemble those of other forms of arthritis. These symptoms include swelling or inflammation of the joint, a feeling that the joint will set the bones apart, stiffness of the knee, excruciating pain, and tenderness along the joint. But the most notable consequence of antler arthritis is the deformity of the joints. Knock-knees and bow-legs are classic examples of such deformities.

When these symptoms are noticed, the affected person must immediately visit a doctor. It is better to err on the side of caution by assuming that one has arthritis at its early stage, instead of letting things drift and suffer the painful consequences of this debilitating disease later. In addition to the excruciating pain, an affected person may need expensive medicines and may have to undergo surgery when his/her condition takes a turn for the worse.

The cartilage replacement surgery is often used in the case of antler arthritis. In this surgery, the cartilage is first removed or detached from the bones and then a metal and plastic cartilage is substituted in place of the one removed. This surgery carries a lot of risks, so doctors use it only as a last resort, when all other options have failed. Among other available remedies are physical therapy, joints supplements or Glucosamine, physical exercise and Cortisone injections.

Many patients, unable to bear the pain any more, take medicines in a reckless manner. The most familiar medicine used for arthritis is a pain reliever. This pain killer obviously cannot repair the broken or deteriorated cartilage but only alleviates the pain for the time being. It even cannot not prevent the ailment from getting worse.

Although antler arthritis is generally the same as any other forms of arthritis, it has a specific remedy that is effective. This is based on the pattern in the male deer's antler. It has been scientifically established that even if the antler is removed from the male deer, it is subsequently rebuilt and a new antler created. Following this, the primary objective of this relief is to allow the cartilage heal itself through the use of devices and medications that imitate the process in which the male deer's antler is rebuilt. This method is now widely used in Asian countries to treat not only antler arthritis but also other forms of arthritis.

No matter what the causes of the disease may be, it is essential for a person having symptoms of antler arthritis to immediately consult a medical professional. The best method of minimizing, preventing or curing this disease is through regular exercise, a suitable diet, water therapy and food supplements.