Skin Allergies - Most Skin Allergies Can Be Reduced Or Eliminated Naturally With A Simple Solution

In Hives and other type of allergic skin reactions, certain skin cells release histamine and other inflammatory chemicals. These kinds of chemicals cause small blood vessels in the area to leak and that causes the raised patches of skin, somewhat circular in shape. There may be only one or can be many red patches in the affected area of the skin. The patches remain from one to three days. The inflammatory marks can be red, pink or white and are itchy and may also give burning or stinging sensation.

If the other systems of the body come with allergic reactions, there may be a wheeze and difficulty in breathing, swollen lips and eyelids and general flushing. This can be a serious allergic reaction and medical assistance needs to be sought immediately. Human bodies are equipped with an inbuilt immune system that is designed to recognize harmful foreign substances that get into the blood stream or organs. The harmful foreign substance or allergen enters the bodies and the immune system reacts through a system of plasma proteins called immunoglobulins and they search out and destroy the foreign particles. This is a critical process with many steps involved. During the immunity process the cells release histamine and other chemical components that cause the familiar allergic symptoms like itching, swelling, hives or sneezing and so forth. These types of chemicals can cause muscle spasms in the lungs, which in turn narrows the air passages making it difficult to breathe.

To have this allergic reaction the body systems must first need to be primed and become sensitive to the allergen. One or more encounters with the inbuilt allergen are required before the sensitization develops. The first exposure to the nature actually develops the natural immune system to recognize and react in a certain way when encountering the allergen. Subsequent exposure results in the natural allergic response. When the body system is in good health it can be very tolerant to the attack of incoming chemicals or foreign proteins. Now if the liver is overloaded with toxic substances and the lymphatic system is already congested with unsuccessful attempts to clear waste from the tissue an allergic reaction can manifest. Some people are predisposed genetically to producing huge amounts of histamine. Stress can also play its part in realizing this chemical with most conditions. When the body system is in a relaxed state most of the instances of inflammation in the tissues can be avoided.

All of the recommendations for various allergic reactions are aimed at improving overall health and vitality. This is achieved by removing foreign particles or other toxins from the body, making sure that a healthy eliminative diet is eaten, that the body has the nutrients that it needs to heal and obtain balance. Still the first place to start with immune system is to eliminate the offending substance from contact or entry into the body. If the internal allergen problem is food or food additives, such as, it is important that the foods be eliminated from the diet. If the problem is moulds or dust or pollens it is important for these particles to be eliminated - so that the immune system has a chance to rest and regain its balance.