Signs Of Pet Allergies - Hay Fever-like Symptoms Are Signs Of Pet Allergies

Very often a person may develop hay-fever like symptoms, such as swelling of the eyes or the reddening of the nose. But the cause of these symptoms is not the seasonal pollen, it's actually a pet allergy working out. Pet allergy often exhibit symptoms that are much like hay-fever, but the allergy doesn't go away with the passing f the season. It persists because the allergens are different. This is why it's very important to correctly diagnose your allergy and find ways to relieve it.

One of the most common causes of allergies that exhibit hay-fever like symptoms are pet allergies and among these cat allergy is the most common kind. Cat allergy is the reaction of the human immune system to the saliva or cat pelt. The saliva is present on the fur of the cat as a result of grooming, which is why most people mistakenly believe that it's the fur they are allergic to. Cat allergy can be irritating in the least but in worse cases, it can lead a person into a life threatening situation.

How will you be reacting to a cat allergy, you will have watery swelled up eyes. The cat allergens can spread over long distances and float in the air so having a pet cat may really not be the key indicator that you should be looking for. The swelling and other symptoms will reduce once histamine containing eye drops are taken, or the person removes the source of the allergy.

Cat allergy can also induce asthma like conditions like coughing and wheezing. Coming into contact with the allergens, cat saliva or pelt, can cause blockage of the airways. This leads to coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

Allergies are often treated with the help of antihistamines. In the event that these antihistamines don't help the allergic person, doctors might recommend immunotherapy. Immunotherapy seeks to develop the individuals resistance to the allergens, and the task is achieved by exposing the allergic person to them for prolonged periods of time. Since this may be dangerous as well, the immunotherapy is carried out under strict doctor's observation, so you really should think of treating yourself on this one.

An alternative method of dealing with cat allergy is acupuncture. It is believed that a person goes through an allergy when there is a disturbance in the body energy. To fix this, the acupuncturist will hold the allergens in a vial while adjusting the body for acupuncture points. This is believed to help reduce the sensitivity of the body to the reactions.

You can also take some preventive measure to guard yourself against your allergy. For starters, keep your cat out of the bedroom area. Not only will this give you a sanctuary to retreat to, it will ensure you have a good night's sleep. It may become dangerous if your body has an allergic reaction while you sleep, as you won't be able to respond as quickly. Also, vacuum often. The more effort you make to keep the house dust and allergen free, the more your allergic condition will be relieved.