Puffy Eyes From Allergies - How Do I Get Rid Of The Puffy Eyes From Allergies?

Puffy eyes and baggy eyes are two different conditions although people often confuse one with the other. Puffy eyes can be caused by a variety of factors - allergies being one of them. Apart from common allergies, puffy eyes are also caused by lack of adequate sleep, physical or emotional stress, excessive salt or sodium consumption, formation of toxins in the body, hereditary factors, dermatitis, contact lenses, sinus problems, excessive drinking and even crying and fluctuations in the levels of body fluid.

Allergies are the most likely cause in case your puffy eyes are accompanied by redness and itching. Allergies might occur because of various factors that include feather pillows, linen fabric, face-creams, food, dust or pollen. The symptoms of puffy eyes include dry or itchy eyes, puffiness and swelling of the eyelids, swelling around or at the corners of the eyes and difficulty to open or close the eye on account of swelling.

As prevention is the best defence against puffy, drink plenty of water and sleep for at least eight hours daily every night. Take appropriate steps to minimize both physical and emotional stress. Make sure you remove contact lenses each night before retiring to bed unless those are made for nighttime use. Limit your alcohol and sodium consumption. Use fragrance-free, non-toxic skin moisturizers as far as possible.

One can get rid of puffy eyes and reduce the symptoms using several methods that are safe and can be tried at home. Here are some tips to get rid of this irritating condition, caused by allergies or whatever. One, elevate your head by using several pillows. This posture will prevent fluid from 'pooling" under the eyes. One will get rid of the symptoms in 2- 6 hours. Two, place a small Ziploc bag filled with ice and wrapped in a washcloth on your eyes. Repeat according to needs to get rid of the swelling.

Three, you can use either sliced raw potatoes or cucumbers and place slices on closed eyes for 15-30 minutes. This should get rid of puffiness. Four, soak a cotton or wool pad in witch hazel or rose water, close eyes and leave eye pads on for 15-20 minutes.

Other methods to relieve symptoms of puffy eyes include eye exercises, hot water and salt eye press, using cold cream moisturizers or eye cream, and cold water face splash. The exercise involves moving both eyes in a circular motion first clockwise, and then counter clockwise for one rotation. Then move your eyes in all directions. For the press, mix a half a pint of hot water with one teaspoon of salt. Soak wool or cotton pads in the hot solution and apply to closed eyes for 5-10 minutes till pads cool off, and then squeeze out pads and repeat process to relieve discomfort associated with puffy eyes.

Apply an eye cream or cold cream moisturizer to the puffy area and gently tap the area around the eyes to drain away any excess fluid that may be around the eyes. Or, mix tap water with a few ice cubes in a large bowl and splash your face with the icy water continually for 2-5 minutes. But if the symptoms are severe or the problem is chronic, it is wise to visit a physician to find out what other options may be available to get rid of your puffy eyes.