Weight Loss Techniques - Different Diets That Work

There are a lot of diet plans out there which are tackling the weight loss problem of the many overweight and obese population out there. Some plans have a more diet approach, while others have a more exercise focus. Of course, as any health expert will tell you, the best weight loss is one which is brought about by positive and healthy lifestyle changes. The reason behind this verdict is that lifestyle changes make the weight loss sustainable. They also improve your health and strengthen the body's immune system. In addition to this, research has shown that healthy lifestyles, which include both a balanced diet as well as exercise, contribute to longer life.

Among the many diets out there the one's which really give the healthiest results and are getting great results from users are the following;

Water weight loss: weight loss is brought about by the reduction in three things; water, protein and fat. Water is 70% of the human body and 92% of the composition of blood cells. The importance of this one liquid cannot be overemphasized. The body needs water for proper functioning and the lack of water can lead to problems as bad as colon cancer. The body is naturally programmed to retain as much water as possible when it faces a water shortage; this is known as ‘water retention'. This is what makes people look plump and also adds to their weight. Also the lack of water in your body will cause a lot of the nutrients from food to be wasted because the body needs water for the assimilation of food. Water is a natural cleansing agent and detoxifies the body. It also regulates the homeostasis and body temperature. A healthy adult requires at least 8 glasses of water a day, while an extra 8 ounces should be taken for every pound of excess weight. Also, if the weather is exceptionally hot, you should take extra water in that case as well. The water weight loss diet should show results within a week.

Body for Life: the Body for Life plan given by Bill Philips is a well rounded weight loss plan. It focuses on both weight loss as well the physical strengthening of the dieter. It is 12 week plan, which not only reduces the excess fat stored in the body but also gives guidelines for exercises to build muscle mass. The exercise routine is the main feature of this diet, which believes that people are more likely to quit on a diet if they don't see results from it, or if they feel like they are getting far less nutrition than they need. Instead of limiting the calories, it only suggests shifting to healthier foods. The exercise routine which alternates between the upper body and lower body. The upper body includes the muscle sets of the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back. The exercise routine calls for working these muscles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday through a 45 minute workout. The lower body includes Calves, Hamstrings and Quadriceps. These are to be exercised on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The exercise is a 20 minute long cardio workout. The order of the days on which the muscle sets are to be exercised alternate each week.