Weight Loss Plans - How To Naturally Suppress Your Appetite

Today the natural weight loss is the choice of the man or woman in the street and celebrity alike. The days of the unsafe but trendy weight loss pill are all but over. But people should actually not have to compromise their health and well being unnecessarily when natural weight loss products exist in competition with the pharmaceutical classed drug based medicine.

So much so that possibly the most effective pill for suppressing appetite naturally from both the prescription only and over the counter market is a cactus extract. Suppressing Appetite is a constant, widely used method of weight loss naturally and has been for decades. There is nothing neither revolutionary nor new about suppressing appetite and still it is considered the most effective natural way to reduce body weight, reduce Body Mass Index or BMI and to promote a long term healthy and natural weight loss.

The main theory behind suppressing appetite is to not eat as much as a person normally would throughout a typical day. The practice is little more difficult to be into result. The one major factor why body weight increases is the inability to control what a person eats; as the stomach becomes used to expecting a certain volume of food over time the need and want increases even more.

It is the craving for food that ultimately leads to the problem when it comes to weight gain. It is the brain that is solely responsible for weight gain. The brain has a part called the hypothalamus. Without wishing to delve too deeply into the mechanics, the hypothalamus regulates how the body feels in terms of temperature, blood pressure and appetite. So the matter is how to stop the brain from wanting increasing amounts of food. Occasionally, it is not food that the brain desires, but it is drink. Brain can send a message to the body that it is in need of supply, this does not necessarily mean food. So the cheapest and most natural form of suppressing the appetite is water. This is actually a message that the manufacturers of weight loss products or indeed anyone with a monetary interest in the health industry is too willing to spread.

Possibly the most famed appetite suppression product is Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus like plant that grows in the dry plains of the Kalahari Dessert. Natives to this region did not always afford the luxury of water and so discovered that by consuming parts of that plant, days could be survived without the need for food or water. Hoodia Gordonii can satiate thirst and appetite in turn. Although going for long without water is actually not recommended but sometimes conditions dictate. Tribesmen of the Kalahari have been living with the Hoodia Gordonii plant for centuries and were their best kept secret until a decade ago when the western world discovered their national treasure.

Nowadays Hoodia Gordonii is sold worldwide and dozens if not hundreds of Hoodia Gordonii branded diet pills, patches are available to the consumer. If one would like to introduce Hoodia into his or her health regime must research carefully. Today Hoodia Gordonii is becoming the diet pill that the market wants to replicate.