Weight Loss Plans - Diets That Work For Beginners

Fad diets come and go but good health does not go out of fashion and thus if you are new to the world of health and dieting then you should try and avoid these fad diets. The beginners who want to lose weight through diets and weight loss plans should try and avoid these fad diets because they can have adverse reactions. The elimination of nutrients and similar options leads to the malnutrition and various kinds of health ailments. For achieving a successful weight loss program the beginners should also implement exercises along with dieting.

There are various weight loss programs available today if you are seriously interested in losing weight. These include the low fat diets, fixed menus, high protein diets, pre-packaged meals and formula diets and many more like the Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and E-diets, which are online diet programs. Basically these diets also include the weight loss programs and meeting with counselors, usually once a week, so that the beginner's record can be kept in track and the effects off the diet can also be checked.

All beginners should avoid following any fad diets just because it worked for their friends. Fad diets may or may not suit you and hence these should be avoided without consultation. There are some low fat diets, which are the most effective in weight loss and these diets also provide long-term respite from excess weight. However the biggest side effects of these diets are that their menus are not optimized for health and also reduce the rate of fat loss if followed on the long term basis.

Also the high protein diets help in rapid weight loss but are not effective in the long run because though they maintain blood sugar levels, they increase heart risks. This is the result of the intake of saturated fats and also the low carbohydrate intake causes kidney and liver damage. Then there are the fixed menu diets that are also ideal for rapid weight loss initially but in the long run they can't be followed for a long time due to lack of flexibility.

These diets include pre-packaged meals that cause rapid loss but cannot be followed in the long run as they are also very expensive. The Formula diets are based on the liquid balanced meals but again fail in the long run as the weight is regained again if the diet is stopped. Hence these fad diets should be avoided by the beginners because they would not be able to follow the same in the long run.

Various researches and studies show that these fad diets will help you lose a total of 10 pounds at one go but in the long run they would cause you to gain more as the metabolic rate of the body has been upset. The best weight loss diet for you is to eat healthy and frequent meals at least 6 times in a day. Combining this with moderate exercise will help you to attain weight loss much faster and also retain the same for a very long time.