Weight Loss - Lose Belly Fat The Quick And Easy Way

Few things are as bad and embarrassing as having a tire around your mid-section. But apart from just being an appearance element, belly fat is indicative of a dangerous health condition; high blood sugar levels. Research has shown that individuals with high blood sugar are more likely to have fat stores around their stomach. What this means is that, among other diseases, your risk for Type 2 Diabetes has just gone up. Your best bet on reducing this risk and getting an attractive figure is to zap that belly fat. Let's take a look at how that can be accomplished quick and easy.

What Doesn't Work:

Before we get started about how you can get rid of the belly fat, let me just take a few minutes to mention the things that don't work just so you won't be wondering why they aren't listed in the solutions.

1. Diet Patches: the nicotine patches were of some help to the smokers, not so with the diet patches. The diet patches have been taken off the market by the FDA for this very same reason. This clearly is not going to trim your belly fat, so don't waste money and expectations on it.

2. Exercise Belts: here's another quick answer to weight loss. These belts are supposed to help you lose weight and burn the fat from any part of your body that you strap it to. And, no surprise, they just don't work. Fundamentally because the body doesn't burn fat by the ‘spot reduction' approach many people aim for and would like. Before the fat on your belly burns off, it will burn from all over body...wherever it is in excess. After that, your belly will begin to trim down. Hence, no exercise belts please.

3. Weight Loss Pills: ok weight loss pills actually DO work, just not in isolation. You can't get rid of body or belly fat simply by taking a pill or two and continue to be the VIP customer at your local greasy grill. Weight loss supplements and medication are an aid to weight loss at best.

Burn the Belly Fat-Fast:

Now let's get down to how you can burn the belly fat;

1. Green Tea: green tea has long been used to combat obesity. If you're looking to get rid of belly fat, this is a great drink to add to your diet. It not only is a great fat burner but also has antioxidant properties. It cleanses your blood and removes toxins. The caffeine helps to keep your metabolism elevated and gives you energy. A cup of freshly brewed green tea taken daily will show significant reduction of the waist line.

2. Cut simple carbohydrates and saturated fats from your diet: you need to give your sweet tooth a bit of a break. Simple carbs are found in white sugar, white rice, white flour, etc. when aiming for a lean belly, you can't keep on eating all there as they just pack on the fat. Go instead for the complex carbs found in whole grains and whole wheat. Brown sugar and brown rice are better options as well. Also cut out the saturated fat found in junk foods. Go for healthy fats such as those in olive oil or avocado oil.