Top Weight Loss Tricks - Burn Belly Fat Fast

Belly fat, also known as having a spare tire, love handles, pot belly or muffin top, is the one of the gravest of physique issues most people face. For most people being overweight just means that the fat has ostensibly culminated around their mid-section. Not only does this give you a not so great appearance, it's a danger sign for your health. Regardless of gender or age bracket, if you have excess stores of fat in your body, you're headed for trouble. So how can you get rid of the belly fat? Keep reading.

There are a good number of ways of preventing belly fat from building up and also to burn off the fat that's robbing you of your rightful form. Here are some belly fat losing secrets that will surprise you with pleasant results;

1. 30 minute cardio: instead of doing crunches for half an hour one day and then not exercising the rest of the week, make a habit of doing cardio or aerobic exercises for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week. The exercise should rev up your heart rate and make you sweat a little. Brisk walking, jogging or running are good examples. But you can really do anything that you enjoy, as long as you burn calories doing it.

2. Improve posture: focus on improving your posture. The importance of posture is often not highlighted. Good posture means your body weight is evenly balanced and your muscles are also under a normal amount of stress, enough to keep you from getting a lazy sagging look. Improved posture not only tightens your stomach muscles, but it also has positive effects on you psychologically. You'll feel active and actually handle stress better.

3. Sleep well: what does sleep have to do with losing belly fat? More than you think. Proper and adequate sleep ensures that your body gets the rest and relaxation it needs to handle the day coming ahead. We have greater energy levels and don't eat as much. When sleep is disturbed or simply falls short of requirement, the resulting fatigue is what causes us to over eat. So be sure to get a relaxing daily dose of sleep for 8 hours at least.

4. Avoid Trans Fats: trans fats are added to vegetable oils to give them a solid form, increase their degree of saturation and increase their shelf life. For your body this just means trouble. Manufacturers are now legally required to mention on containers if their product contains trans fats. You should avoid these saturated fats as they directly add fat to your body, in particular your waist line. Focus on eating unsaturated fats like olive oil or avocado oil.

5. Stretch: doing stretching exercises during the day is a great way to tone your stomach muscles. They also help in burning fat and tightening the muscles throughout the body. Stretches can cause considerable relief from muscle pain and guard the body against bad posture. As with any exercise, stretching raises your metabolism. You're energy levels rise as well as the burning of calories, so you get to burn fat in this simple easy way. 10-20 minute stretches during your break are great for helping to lose that belly fat.