Healthy And Quick Weight Loss - What You Should Know About Your Metabolism

Many people blame weight gain on their metabolism process. Improper metabolism is a common excuse that has been around for centuries. Most of the women who reach a certain age simply sit back and watch the weight add on week by week claiming that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. Although it is true that our metabolism slows down with age, that is not the only factor behind poor metabolism and there are certain things which one can do in order to rev up his or her digestion even in the elder years.

The fact is that our metabolism slows down with years and age. According to the researchers the exact number is 5% per decade after the age of 40. But there are some other factors that influence our metabolic rate. Sex is yet another factor, as it is a fact that men burn a lot more calories at rest than women and this is mostly due to their muscle mass; as the more muscle a person has the higher their metabolic rate is. This is also why a person who successfully build muscle during his or her physical activity tend to lose more weight overall. Another factor which influences our metabolism is heredity. That is one of the factors which we cannot control when it comes down to the digestive tract.

The next question that people may have is how can they improve or rev up their metabolism. Well, one of the best ways to improve the digestion is through exercise. One can achieve some kind of aerobic exercise day after day by swimming, walking, jogging, dancing or anything they enjoy that requires constant movement. Also one should try to do this at the crack of dawn to assist his or her body to have rapid healthy weight loss. The human body is premeditated to be active on a normal basis so should not just do this twice a week. Weight training can help to build necessary muscle while aerobic exercise can help to burn more calories. Everyone knows that muscle burns more calories than fat, even while the body is at rest.

Another way to rev up the metabolism is to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. This can keep the metabolism in high gear. Too many hours between meals makes the metabolism slow down and once people do eat their body will want to compensate for the lack of food by holding on to every calorie they consumed.

These are just a few ways to rev up the metabolism. One should snack on fresh fruits, vegetables and grains during the day. By snacking throughout the day, this prevents him or her from becoming too famished. It has been found the more ravenous a person is, the harder it is for him or her to manage what and how much they eat. People need to drink at least 60 ounces or more of water a day in order to keep their metabolism rolling and burning more blubber for it is key to present it plenty of water. In conclusion, it actually does not take a special guidance to live a healthier routine. One just needs to get started at once and observe outcomes earlier.