Calorie Weight Loss Calculator

The internet is the best option for getting a good weight loss calculator that would also help you to count the number of calories burnt or consumed. There are various forms of online calculators available and these include the ones available online and the ones available in the local markets. Most of the calculators available in the markets are attached to some sort of gym equipment. Here the calculator is a part of the gadget and reveals the calories burned in a particular set of exercises.

For example, there are calorie counters on the treadmill and the spinning cycle, which would help you to determine the amount of calories burnt during the process of exercising. This calculation has been based on the number of minutes that you workout on the treadmill and also on the speed at which you had been exercising. This can help you to evaluate the exact number of calories burnt during the exercise session and thus will help you to understand the weight loss.

Then there are the calorie calculators that are put on the arm, which help you to understand the total number of calories burnt during the day. This includes all the forms of exercises, which you did, along with the movements made during the entire day. This includes the time taken in sitting and relaxing, and the time taken for walking or climbing the stairs. Through these calculators you can actually calculate the total amount of calories burnt in one day and then compare it with the food consumed.

There are also calculators that can help you count the calories on the foods, which you are consuming and thus help you to maintain a healthy body weight. One of the most popular online calculators is called the BMI or the body mass index. Here you can do the calculation at home by dividing the weight of the body by the height of the body. Usually this calculation is done on the basis of pounds divided by meters or feet.

There are also online calculator help you to understand if you are under weight, over weight or normal along with providing you with the amount of weight that the body needs to lose. Hence this way you would be able to understand how much weight, you should lose, so that you are not considered in the overweight zone. But it should be remembered here that weight loss is not equal to inches loss and the body can lose inches without loosing weight and vice versa.

It has been seen that the weight of the human body is a determining factor for obesity and this calculation through the Body Mass index, is very helpful in controlling the same. The body fat or mass is measured with the help of the person's weight and height, for gauging the total body fat in most of the adults. The WHR or the waist-to-hip ratio calculator is also used for measuring the ratio of the circumference of the waist as compared to that of the hips and understand the amount of inches to be lost.