Best Workout For Quick Weight Loss

For most people weight loss is a serious issue. Looking good and fit is a major concern with most people. Many people fail because it is only exercise and good nutritious food that can help us lose weight and not diets. It is very important for us to follow an exercise routine and eat a balanced diet so as to get into shape without any side effects. We can lose weight gradually but there are ways to lose weight quickly as well.

Many of us want a quick weight loss but, sadly, that often leads to trying cult diets and ultimately putting on a couple of pounds more. We have to acknowledge that extra weight is usually a result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise and that lasting weight loss is a slow process which involves changing our food habits and enhancing metabolism through regular exercise.

Exercise also helps burn calories and maintains lean muscles when we are on a diet. With only 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week we can lose up to a pound of fat a month. Eating a healthy diet can produce even better results. The most effective approach is to mingle weight training with an aerobic-type exercise and stretching.

We should go to the gym regularly at least thrice a week for half an hour for weight training. A personal trainer would be even more helpful as he or she will be able to guide as properly without the risk of injury, especially if we have not exercised before. We should not d weight everyday and give some amount of rest to our muscles.

There are various types of workout which we can choose from ad then accordingly indulge in them for better results. Brisk walking is considered by far the best exercise in this planet. We need not pay anything for it; all we need is a good pair of shoes and a park where we can walk at our desired speed. Walking, running, jogging all these is very good in the long run. Cycling again is a very good form of exercise and tones up the leg muscles as well.

Swimming is another very good form of exercise that tones up the entire body and work on every muscle in the body. Before we indulge in any aerobic activity we should make sure that we stretch our body properly. Stretching will warm up our muscles, prevent injuries, and add its part in trimming our thighs and belly. The best stretching exercises are Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.

As far as diet is concerned we should not indulge in fad diets. But we should opt for healthy food. Instead of eating chocolates, cols, junk food, fried food we should opt for healthier options such as salads, fruits, juices, low carb diets, skimmed milk and various milk based products, brown bread, food items made from whole wheat. All these will not only provide the body with essential nutrients but will also keep the weight in the normal range.