Chants To Stop Smoking

Here is a really good chant to quit smoking, “I will not smoke". It might just do wonders. Ever wonder why you couldn't quit smoking even after your mom showed you the picture of a diseased liver?and you just couldn't believe something that ugly was in your pretty self. Well it is now well known why its so hard to quit smoking and why it's equally hard to find a drug/medicine that can effectively help reduce or end the longing for tobacco.

The reason is the presence of nicotine in tobacco. Yeah we all knew that tobacco had nicotine in it but we had seriously under estimated what the nicotine did to keep us loyal. So lets start with how nicotine works and then we will get down to the chants.

Now we all know that when we're smoking the smoke is burning our lungs and depositing nicotine along the walls of our arteries. But smoking also induces certain chemical changes in our brain and these changes stick as we continue to smoke. Like if you started off with a cigarette a day, in a few months if not sooner you're on four a day. That's because when you started your first cigarette, a chemical change occurred in your brain. Now by the next day when you took your next cigarette the chemical change had not subsided and your chemicals were not back to normal. This way the chemicals keep growing. Soon your body wants those chemicals , and craves a cigarette for it.

Now what are these chemical changes? Smoking triggers natural pleasure and endorphins in the brain. This results in a heightened feeling of good. Now when a person wants to feel good, to relax, chill out or is under stress, the body craves high levels of endorphin and we smoke. Our blood gets used to these high levels and our body then begins to ache for another cigarette. Sound familiar?

Now the question is what's the deal with these endorphin guys? They are also produced when one eats chocolate right. Yeah well I bet you haven't tried 10 bars of chocolate in a day have you? But the problem is not so much with them as it is when you want to quit. The thing is the body doesn't want you to quit. Although logic is on your side but you body isn't because you have in your body certain chemicals in your body which don't allow you to quit. They are called dopamanine and norepinephrine. And that is why the newest medicine known as “Chantix" is becoming popular with doctors. Approved by the FDA in 2006, this might just be the cure because it actually helps to prevent the longing for another cigarette by blocking the effects of dopamanine and norepinephrine. It simply does not let them reach your body. And thus it curbs the desire to light up again.

Chantix is a fairly new drug and is strictly a prescription one. Always consult your doctor before taking it. Do not self medicate yourself.