A Brief History Of The Physical Therapy Industry

Physical therapy has been a vital part of treating various kinds of disorders and ailments and has been used since ancient times. The brief history of the physical therapy industry dates back to the ancient times in countries like India and China where different kinds of massages and therapies like these were used to treat health problems. Many other Asian countries had also been using these forms of therapies to treat health related problems, especially the ones which involved muscle and bone problems.

Since ancient times physical therapy has a vital role to play in treating different problems of the joints and the bones. This form of therapy has also been vital in treating other related conditions and it also has a range of varieties and levels. In fact even a light massage is a physical therapy form and thus this form of therapy can be defined as the direct form of professional patient care and is a mode of rehabilitation. The patients with physical impediments and illnesses have gained a lot from these physical therapies.

Also the people suffering from stroke have been given this form of therapy to relieve them of pain and heal the muscles and joints that are not functioning smoothly. Also some forms of birth defects and post-operative problems have been treated by physical therapists. However in this reference stroke therapy is the most significant because it helps to revive the movements that had been limited along with other motor skills due to the attack.

We are all aware that one of the most common forms or side effects of strokes is paralysis. Here the patient suffers from partial restriction of movements of different body parts and hence treating this problem has been one of the biggest challenges for physical therapists. In the ancient times also there would be professional masseuses who would treat various health related problems through their skilled massagers. The royalty were the privileged classes who could enjoy the most of these forms of therapies.

The patients who have lost their physical abilities due to various health problems or accidents can gain from these physical therapies. It has also been seen that along with these therapies other treatments like exercises and therapeutic massages are included in treating such patients. This also helps the patients adapt to physical disabilities and try harder to overcome them. Patient's whit physical repercussions and similar medical conditions that debilitate motor skills can be treated through physical therapies. Thus physical therapy has a healing affect for problems like arthritis, pain and swelling in joints and other supporting structures.

Physical therapy has been beneficial for treatments of the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Some internal organs and osteoarthritis, which is degenerative joint disease, have also been treated through these forms of physical therapies. Since the ancient times, the different forms of physical therapies have also changed but it has been seen that these forms of therapies are ideal in treating the external physical disorders, as well as some internal problems of the body and that without leading to various kinds of side effects and related problems.