Groin Pain During Pregnancy

There are various kinds of minor problems that women undergo in their pregnancy stages. One of them is pain in the groin during pregnancy, which has been associated with various forms of causes. The pregnancy period is a time when there are several changes that occur in woman's body. Most of the times, these changes are internal, and thus women feel quite uncomfortable. Due to these factors, they suffer from pain, allergies, headaches, nausea, morning sickness, etc. Apart from this they also have changes in their mood and temperament.

Some times these women become happy while sometime they feel depressed and frustrated and hence pregnant women become very unpredictable during these periods. Along with these factors there are various forms of pains that women face during pregnancy. Groin pain in pregnancy is common and in some women, it may lead to severe pain problems. There are some women who feel slight twinge on either side of groin and it may happen that these women feel more pain at one side, as compared to another side.

Usually it has been seen that groin pain is often caused due to ectopic pregnancy and hence the actual reason behind such abdominal and groin pain can be related to other factors also. Most of the times, it has been seen that the muscles as well as ligaments, which are responsible for holding the uterus at its exact place, stretch in order to make enough space for growing baby. Hence this leads to some pain in abdomen and groin and it is very common in most pregnant women.

But there are several other reasons that may be responsible for early pregnancy abdominal pain along with the groin pain. The pregnant women often feel sharp pain on one side of the groin, which occurs from 12 weeks or it can occur in earlier weeks of pregnancy. Hence if pregnant women suffer from these kinds of pains, then the doctor's consultancy is essential, and this is more of a security measure to ensure that there are no other risks involved in the same.

There are other causes for pain in the groin and this may occur as a sign of symphysis-pubis dysfunction, which mainly occurs due to the pregnancy hormones that cause relaxation of ligaments. In such cases the symptoms appear from 12th week of the pregnancy and continue onwards and this form of groin pain is more like muscle spasms. During the pregnancy period most women suffer from infection in urinary tract. Hence the abdominal or groin pain may also be a symptom of such infection and this groin pain could be a disease, instead of just a pain.

The pain in the groin can also be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy and in this form of pregnancy, the fertilized egg grows in Fallopian tube, and this pain is associated with certain amount of bleeding also. The suitable measures should be taken in order to have painless and healthy pregnancy period and hence the doctor should be consulted to ensure that there are no complications during the pregnancy.