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Causes Of Knee Pain

Understanding what is causing your knee to pain must be understood in the context of the pain itself. The age, the traumatic event, the location of the pain or even the developments of the symptoms are questions that are to be answered. Once these questions are answered, the investigation of the symptoms can begin. Putting the symptoms together with the history can often lead to a diagnosis.

Causes Of Chest Pain

The symptom of chest pain can be quite alarming. Most of us think of chest pain as heart attack. There can be many reasons behind a chest pain. However, since cardiac disease is so common and dangerous, a chest pain should not be dismissed as insignificant. Chest pain is usually used to describe any pressure, pain, choking, squeezing, numbness or any other discomfort in the chest or upper abdomen. This is also associated with pain in the arms, jaw or head. A chest pain can occur frequently or rarely, can last for just a second or a few days, and can occur sporadically. All these make the doctor unable to diagnose anything from just a chest pain.

Causes Of Ear Pain

Ear pain can be caused due to various kinds of problems and some of these may be related to your overall health also. Ear pain is also known as otalgia and this is a common complaint for adults, but happens more often in children. It is important for the cause of ear pain to be understood because the treatment cannot be done for the same, without uncovering the problem. Pain in the ear can have a direct cause or be due to referred pain in some of the other parts of the body.

Groin Pain During Pregnancy

There are various kinds of minor problems that women undergo in their pregnancy stages. One of them is pain in the groin during pregnancy, which has been associated with various forms of causes. The pregnancy period is a time when there are several changes that occur in woman’s body. Most of the times, these changes are internal, and thus women feel quite uncomfortable. Due to these factors, they suffer from pain, allergies, headaches, nausea, morning sickness, etc. Apart from this they also have changes in their mood and temperament.

Inner Elbow Pain

When we talk about elbow, we mean the joint where three long bones meet in the middle portion of the arm. Hummers or the bone of the upper arm meets ulna, the inner bone of the forearm and radius or the outer bone of the forearm constituting a hinge joint. In order to allow us rotate our forearms, the radius and ulna also meet in the elbow. The job of the elbow is to move the arm like a hinge and also rotate it.

Causes Of Jaw Pain

The joints of the jaws are located right in front of the ears where the lower jaw would meet the skull. These joints allow a person to open and close his or her mouth and move it from side to side as well as backward and forward. These movements are possible because of the muscle located around the joint. The medical name for a jaw joint is a temporomandibular joint.

Causes Of Foot Pain

There are various kinds of causes of leg pain and these include both external and internal causes. It has been seen that the pain caused in the foot can be due to a variety of reasons and these also include changes in the body, like weight gain or weight loss. The foot is one of the most tired areas of the body as it bears the weight of the entire body through out the day. The foot muscles and the bones are also the ones, which get tired easily due to the stress of constant walking and other similar pressures.

Gallbladder Pain Symptoms

When there are stones in the gallbladder they are known as gallstones. These gallstones are generally small and hard deposits. It is a sac like organ that generally lies under the liver towards the right side of the abdomen. Maximum people who have gallstones aren’t even aware of them. But then there are cases where the gallbladder tends to become inflamed which results in pain, infection and other serious complications.

Kidney Pain Symptoms

The kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body and they have functions of cleansing our system and getting rid of the toxic wastes. It has been seen that the body produces nitrogenous wastes as it metabolizes proteins. These are the wastes that need to be filtered from the blood and this is the function of the kidneys. The body has two kidneys and they filter and remove nitrogenous waste from the blood. While the kidneys are filtering the blood they also extract the wastes and give back clean filtered fluid to the body.

Causes Of Groin Pain

Groin pain usually refers to feeling of discomfort in the region where the abdomen ends and the legs begin. Groin pain may be caused by a variety of factors. It usually occurs when there is a disruption of soft tissues which affect a region of the groin close to the genitalia. This disruption is commonly called sports hernia, while its medical name is inguinal disruption. Although the terms "groin" and "testicle" are often used interchangeably in men, the factors causing pain in one may not do the same in the other.

Ear Jaw Pain

There are pains that can stop us from our daily activity and work normally. When we have ear pain, it can keep us up all night with excruciating pain. This will make us frustrated and restless. What we need is ear pain relief quickly. Ear pain can cause headache pain at the same time and it can also cause pain jaw. We must make sure that we take care of the earache pain because it can affect the hearing if not treated.

Causes Of Leg Pain

The most common cause of back leg pain is due to backache. This is a pain which is caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve. If the pain happens suddenly and is very severe, then we should consult a doctor immediately because it can be a sign of more serious problems. The swelling in the sciatic nerve is often caused by the muscle surrounding it becoming tense and pressing on the nerve for a long period of time. It can also be caused by a misalignment of the spine and even poor posture. Luckily, there are many ways to relieve this back leg pain, so that we can live pain free.

Causes Of Hip Pain

Hip pain is a very common symptom experienced by most of us. This situation can vary from mild uneasiness to severe pain that limits activities of daily living. Often due to a stressful day or an event we get a pain in the hip but it could be for a short period of time and can be taken care of with the help of pain relief ointments. But if the discomfort in the hip prolongs for ten days then it is something serious and an orthopedic can detect the problem. There are a multitude of medical disorders that can cause hip pain.

Chronic Wrist Pain

There are a number of symptoms that will inform people of wrist joint pain and condition. They will start to experience a lot of burning sensation in the wrist. Also most of the people will start to feel numb and eventually they will develop a tingling feel that is pretty uncomfortable. The causes of pain on the wrist joint are very many and are sometimes very complex. People will not be in a position to even grasp objects. They will experience some swelling and they need to get help fast.

Causes Of Wrist Pain

Causes of wrist pain can vary largely and range from birth problems to pain in the wrists due to injuries and arthritis. Research and studies related to the same have shown that specific diagnosis in approximately 70 percent of patients with wrist pain is possible and easy. These include all kinds of patients like those with spontaneous onset of wrist pain or the ones who had a vague or distant history of trauma. Even the patients whose activities consisted of repetitive loading could be due to a carpal bone nonunion or from a vascular necrosis.

Causes Of Eye Pain

Eye pain is an issue, which should not be taken lightly and you should seek solutions for the same immediately. There are various factors that can damage your eyes and cause this pain and hence you should find the causes of these pains and get treatment for the same. Some of the most common causes of eye pain are when you have something embedded in your eye or somebody has punched you right near the eye. There can also be a dull ache around your eyes and if this persists for more than two days, you should consult a doctor.

Appendix Pain Symptoms

These days the pain caused due to appendix can be easily identified if you are aware of the symptoms that cause them. Also being aware of the problems related to appendix and their solutions will help you to get out of the same. Pain of the appendix or Appendicitis is defined as the abdominal inflammation of the appendix. Since the appendix is attached to the cecum in the abdomen, it is considered to be a part of the intestines. It has been seen that generally the Appendix measures nothing more than a few inches in length and looks like a thin tube.

Causes Of Liver Pain Symptoms

There are various instances when you have felt a pain in your abdominal region, which has been different from the pain that you usually feel. Basically these are often pains caused in the liver, which can be dangerous and should not be ignored. There are instances when patients have been diagnosed with hepatitis and they expect to feel pain over the liver. There are many people with chronic hepatitis who don’t experience abdominal pain or discomfort over the liver. There are also some people who do not actually experience pain but sense a vague fullness of the liver.

Causes Of Elbow Pain

So many people badly suffer from elbow joint pain that most of the people do not even talk about it anymore. These people just suffer through this condition, conceding to the pain and stiffness that invades their lives every day. While some of the people may agree that it is a strong person who can go through elbow joint pain and not complain, it the wiser group that agrees that they should have their joint pain treated.

Ankle Bone Pain

The ankle joint is a "hinged" joint capable of moving the foot in two primary directions, away from the body which is called plantar flexion and toward the body known as dorsiflexion. The ankle joint is formed by the meeting of three separate bones. The end of the shinbone of the leg which is medically termed as tibia and a small bone in the leg known as fibula, meet a large bone in the foot, called the talus, to form the ankle. The end part of the shin bone or tibia structures the inner portion of the ankle, while the end of the fibula forms the outer portion of the ankle. The hard bony knobs at each side of the ankle joint are called the malleoli. These parts provide stability to the ankle joints, which function as weight-bearing joints for the body during standing and walking.

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