True Facts About Mind Body Spirit

The mind, body and spirit concept is fast catching up with the current generation of fitness enthusiasts who want to see their whole lives in an orderly and well meshed manner. It's becoming more important that all aims towards health and well being be well rounded. Isolated treatments which tackle either physical or psychological health were found lacking when the person stepped out of their treatment ‘zone'. It's not to say that orthodox methods were totally useless, but even in the earliest of times, doctors have acknowledged the importance of a patients psychological health in determining his or her health, beyond the work of medication alone.

If you've been a reader of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, you probably know what I'm talking about. Reading those stories has a healthy affect on both the mind and the spirit. The idea of being and finding kindred spirits has never lost its appeal. And when the concept is taken to an advanced stage in which it directly impacts health, the results are quite mind blowing.

Now you may wonder what the whole mind, body and spirit concept works around. Does a person just wake up one morning and achieve superhero strength, is there medication involved, etc. The questions are very valid and deserve an answer. Let's have a go at them then shall we;

1. No Magical, Supernatural Hocus Pocus Involved: you may be thinking that the whole mind, body and spirit concept is all about getting a person to talk to the dead, become spiritually enlightened, performing extraordinary feats (flying), etc. Well, no, not really. Disappointed? Come on. Would doctors and health experts from all walks of life be focusing on making you an exorcist? This is very research based work, it just have all the hospital wired attached into you so maybe the lack of discomfort may seem surreal, but its real. Psychologists admit that your mind and spirit will affect your body with just as strong a force as your body will affect your mind. Your self-image and thought process are electrical energy that runs through your body and tells it how good or bad it is. And the body responds.

2. You Can Eat Anything, Yeah Right: for those of you who've had the misfortune to come across some second rate advertising that is offering mind, body and spirit therapy and promises you can eat what you like, when you like, but you'll be the exact replica of Jessica Alba, well that's unprofessional on their part and a tad bit overdoing of wishful thinking on yours. The mind, body and spirit concept doesn't defy the rules of science, it expands upon them. The basic laws of health remain the same, this concept builds bridges. You will need to eat a balanced, healthy diet, and you will be required to perform some kind of calorie burning exercise as well, and that too on a daily basis. This really isn't a fancy escape for the couch potato, this is health being taken very seriously.

3. Anyone Can Do It: no matter what your present condition is health wise, whether you're over weight or under weight, whether you have some kind of mental illness, or you're just momentarily stressed out at work, this approach is exactly for you. There is no perfect or ideal time to start thinking about your health. It's now, so don't underestimate yourself.