Relation Between Mind Body Spirit

While this may conjure up images of tie-dyed clad hippies, there is more to this concept that really deserves our attention. As an experience Yoga Instructor, the connection between the body mind and the spirit is something that people have been aware of and put into practice for many years. Finally, the topic is becoming more serious and more and more people are beginning to realize the connection and apply the principles to their daily life.

In Yoga philosophy, there is no separation between body, mind and spirit. The three exist in union; what happens to the body also happens to the mind and even to the spirit and vice versa. If something affects people emotionally, it will show up in the physical body. Stress is a perfect example; if people are stressed out about something, they will develop physical symptoms such as headache, upset stomach, high blood pressure, etc. By being conscious of this fact, they can develop a practice that will enhance and enrich both their body and their mind.

In spirit, Yoga is meditation in motion. It allows people to go inward, focus on their breath and really bring their attention to the pose their in, noticing any resistance or reaction within their body. This concept can easily be applied to not only the Yoga practice, but any exercise regimen. The certified personal fitness trainers bring the years of Yoga experience to their clients, applying the same principles of Yoga to every workout. Rather than mindlessly moving through a sequence of exercises, people should approach those exercises mindfully; bring their full awareness to the movement. Whether they are doing Yoga or doing reps in the weight room, their body and mind will benefit greatly by making a conscious shift in their awareness.

There is a reason Yoga has been practiced for centuries; quite simply, this practice works. Yoga has gained tremendous popularity in recent days. The attitudes of people about health and wellness continue to evolve and the scientific community is beginning to realize the importance of the body-mind connection. Even though the ancient yogis understood that emotional stress is carried in the mind, the body and the spirit, Western modern medicine has been slow to accept or acknowledge this. Recent research has verified that mental and emotional conditions can affect the state of the physical body and that the body mind connection is very much true.

Many doctors and psychologists are now recommending yoga to help their patients deal with problems that only a few years ago would have been treated solely with medication, recommending it as a complementary treatment to aid healing of several ailments such as depression and anxiety disorders, asthma, high blood pressure and as rehabilitation for musculoskeletal problems and traumatic brain injury. Yoga has even been suggested as a behavioral therapy for smoking cessation and other substance abuse.

Clearly, the benefits of recognizing and applying the principles of the body mind and spirit connection are numerous. By realizing the connection and putting it into practice in the daily life people will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

People just need a simple shift in awareness; a mindful approach to a healthier life, an easy way to start feeling better about themselves and the world around them.