Connection Between Mind Body Spirit

How often people tell themselves that the stress at work that gives them a severe headache doesn't matter; that they just have to suffer and deal with it just to get through the day. In fact, most of the people ignore or minimize those back aches and sense of fatigue by saying that everyone is stressed and it will pass if they can just make it through till the weekend or until their next vacation. These are all ways in which people disrespect themselves by breaking the bond between their body, mind and spirit.

These messages of denial are not enhancing to the overall self-esteem and are definitely dangerous to their well being. The thing is not that the minute a hunger pang hits, people should stop what they are doing; or the minute they feel stress at work they should quit the job, but that these messages have to be acknowledged, addressed and respected. People have to be dealt with, not ignored but should stop, take a breath and focus on what ever he or she is doing. How do people want to handle these messages is a matter to be considered. People musty remind themselves that they are receiving these messages for a reason and should make a conscious decision as to what they do, not an automatic one.

What most of the people do in order to relax and unwind so that they can reconnect to their inner worth is to the part of them that knows who they are is enough, and they deserve to be treated as such--- to the part of them that is connected to something more than their day-to-day existence. This is a connection to their spirituality. Spirituality is not really about religion or any one god. Spirituality is defined as the way people find meaning, comfort, hope, inner peace, connection, strength, love and other positive intangibles in their lives. Some people find it in their religious beliefs, while others through nature, music, art, values and principles, exercise, walking, meditation, etc. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to spiritual connection of some one. No one can tell what the spiritual connection should be but only the person can decide what works for them. Without an awareness of, or connection to what grounds people or center them, they are at greater risk of imbalances in their mind and body.

Most of the people do not realize that many imbalances in their physical bodies start from outside their bodies. These imbalances may be from stressors in the environment, constant negative debilitating thoughts or anxiety as individuals must learn how to treat themselves with the love, respect and compassion that they deserve and need. Unfortunately, this way, too many people stop doing the very centering and loving things they need when these stresses hit. In fact most of the people have been taught to "power on" through any obstacle and ignore their feelings and emotions.

This is only one way people learn to live instinctively. They learn to block out the connection between mind body and spirit or the feelings they may have so that they do not have to stop and deal with them. There is an inherent fear that if they stop to ponder, deal with or explore their minds then they will become overwhelmed and fall behind, or be seen as weak, or perhaps come to a realization which they are not yet ready to handle.