Basic Needs Of Mind Body Spirit

In Mind, Body, Spirit healing, the Facilitator assists people to connect with the three major parts of themselves—mind, body, spirit, and to go back to the inner child, or child of the inner light. All things came from light, so internally all of the people are light, no matter what camouflage or depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, shame, guilt, sadness, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc. people have adopted to keep their inner child safe.

They themselves often do not know any of this consciously, but when they learn it, and consciously give this trilogy their empowerment to act in our lives, amazing healing occurs. This is actual spiritual healing. How would people define Mind, Body Spirit Healing! Experts use the word; heal, because it has a definitive definition for most people. When people use the word healing it implies there is something wrong. Most of them believe healing is much more. The soul knows its sole purpose for being here is for spiritual and emotional growth— or known as transformation. Healing to many is evolving and optimizing into our health and into who they really are. People believe that Mind, Body, Spirit healing is restructuring their energy that has become distorted, misaligned or suppressed. The definition of healing is evolution beyond just losing some ability and regaining it.

What are people really asking for when we ask for Mind, Body, and Spirit Healing! When people truly ask for Mind, Body, Spirit healing they are asking about the cause of their pain not the symptoms they are experiencing. When people work with someone, they are not treating, they are not giving therapy but are only conscious of symptoms because the symptoms are clues to what needs to be transformed. Using the unconscious mind the people are guided to create their unique transformation process to ultimately eliminate or heal the cause of the symptoms.

Discovering the mental, physical, spiritual or emotional aspect of the person's concerns takes approximately an hour and a half, sometimes two hours. This entire process can be done in one or two sessions. However, at the same time there is a healing component. So, when the person leaves the first session the transformation process usually begun.

Do they actually believe that their beliefs create their illnesses! Without blaming, shaming or finding fault, the beliefs definitely form the limitations and on many levels our beliefs can inhibit people from evolving beyond something or creates a way to cope. What we tell as self-talk to ourselves has an impact on our physiology and spirituality. For example, Depression or symptom is Anger turned against the self. What people need to find is what the Anger is about and resolve or transcend the anger? Once the people transcends the anger about a particular issue--coping through depression is no longer needed.

Generally, people continue to think or do whatever they do or think until they have reached a point of pain they no longer want to endure, thus, they focus on getting rid of the various pains. Western pharmaceutical and medicinal research understands this phenomenon well— together they have diligently focused on the pain and provided magic pills to ease it. Thus, a number of people are addicted to a quick fix, albeit has many adverse side effects.