Causes Of Sudden Hair Loss In Children

Children can be somewhat calmer when dealing with sudden massive hair loss compared to most adults. This is probably because children are less vain than older, especially children below ten years old. There are many potential reasons for sudden hair loss in children that do not include any diseases that are life threatening or need exposure to chemicals and elements for treatment.

Tinea Capitis is one of the more common causes for sudden hair loss in children. Doctors say that Tinea Capitis is a fungal scalp infection that stays particularly on the scalp attacking the hair follicles and shafts of the hair strands. This form of infection is also known as ringworm of the scalp but it can actually occur in the eyelashes and eyebrows as well. Without the use of proper medication, this scalp infection can be contagious, hence the need for immediate attention.

Alopecia Areata is another cause of children hair loss that can causes bald patches on the child's head and other areas with body hair. One theory that stands out for the cause of this kind of gradual baldness is that the immune system of an individual is the one that causes it by attacking the follicles. This disease needs immediate and effective treatment because if taken for granted, the child may lose all body hair. Trichotillomania is another common cause of the hair loss of children. This disease is made worse by the fact that it is the child who does this to himself. This condition of hair loss is considered to be an obsessive compulsive behavior where the child feels the need to pluck his hair consistently. Treating this condition in children will require relaxation techniques and most likely behavioral therapy. The hair follicles in his diseased condition are not usually damaged and hair will most likely grow back when the behavioral therapy improves.

Other causes of hair loss in children can be traction alopecia and trauma to the individual. Traction alopecia is a diseased condition where the hair is consistently rubbed or pulled, resulting in stress at the hair shaft. Hair of the children will then cease to grow in the spot frequently disturbs or the hair has a tendency to break of cease to grow due to pressure of hairstyles. Trauma can take many different forms and can affect an individual in different ways. The bodies can react to various traumas by withdrawing nutrients for the hair resulting in loss of hair in children and in adults as well. The right attitude the parent needs to take when faced with the hair loss of their child is a supportive and loving attitude.

To treat the hair loss problem, people must understand some of the basics of human hair. The hair itself is composed of dead cells, although the hair follicles are alive. An average child has approximately one hundred thousand hair follicles, which grow more in spring and less in winter. Normal hair loss generally is between 50 and 100 strands per day. Do not be over concerned if the parents find many strands of hair after the shampoo or on the pillow when their child wakes up in the morning.