Abdominal Fitness Equipment Ab Slider

We all crave to be fit and have a great healthy lean body. And many of us have a lean body but often want great abs. sticking to an exercise routine long enough to see results is even harder when we engage in long workouts. But ab slider is revolutionary fitness equipment. We just have to dedicate 3 minutes a day to see results. It can dramatically improve and strengthen our upper and lower abdominal muscles, arms and shoulders. The farther we slide out, the more resistance we can feel resulting in a more intense abdominal workout.

We can never miss out on a workout with the Ab Slider. It is small and lightweight and can be stored anywhere easily. It works on hard or carpeted floors so we can workout virtually anytime and anywhere we want. If we are ready to start strengthening our abdominal muscles, we can give ab slider a try and we can very soon be showing off our new and improved midsection!

We need to grab the handle bars on each side, and then push the Ab Slider forward. As we roll forward, we will feel our abdominal muscles stretching, and we can vary the level of difficulty by pushing the Ab Slider completely in front where our body is flat almost touching the floor, or we can push it only half way forward, making it much easier to bring our body back up. This mainly targets our abdominal. We can also work our oblique muscles: the muscles on the sides of our abs by pushing the Ab Slider forward and to either left or right sides. It is always advisable to use the Ab Slider on a hard surface, unless we want an extra hard workout. It'll glide more smoothly than using it on carpet.

The Roller Slide is a spring-loaded slider that eases us to an outstretched position and guides us back again. As we direct this motion, we target the fats deposits on the abdominals, back, shoulders, obliques, chest and arms. The roller slide is extremely stable, with four wheels so that we can focus on our form, not keeping our balance. It also comes with a free mat to be used under our knees for added comfort and support.

An abdominal device that is portable, affordable and effective should be a part of every household. The ab slider is the latest in abdominal exercise equipment intended for fast, effective ab exercise. Ab slide is compact, portable, and helps to achieve the abs we have always wished for. The unique progressive power range of the ab slide makes it highly effective and targets the areas we need to work on most. With its bi directional power, ab slide increases tension as we move forward providing increased tension and more support. AB slide is made such that it targets the abdominal muscles and give us the rock hard abs we have always wanted. Ab sliders are not very expensive and can be kept at our homes so that workout becomes simple for each member of the family.